A Grave Misfortune: The USS Indianapolis Tragedy

A Grave Misfortune: The USS Indianapolis Tragedy
A Grave Misfortune: The USS Indianapolis Tragedy
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"This volume presents the final chapter of Indianapolis's decorated service history using primary source documents with accompanying historic analysis. Documents were carefully selected to represent the whole story of the loss of Indianapolis: from her war damage taken off Okinawa on 31 March 1945, through her refitting, atomic bomb delivery, and sinking. Documents also follow her crew's ordeal at sea and rescue, subsequent Navy investigations, the court-martial of Captain Charles McVay III, and more recent considerations of the tragedy. Much has already been published on Indianapolis disaster, but inevitably errors and misinterpretations have crept into the now-standard accounts. Claims have exaggerated the impact of intelligence failures, identified an alleged elaborate Navy cover-up, propagated misunderstandings of Indianapolis's role in delivering the atomic bomb to Tinian, and sensationalized the presence of sharks in the story.

The documents here correct some of those errors and allow readers to see how the event unfolded and how the Navy responded. More importantly, this book makes widely available the testimony of survivors and participants. In presenting these documents, it also corrects the record. The heroism and bravery of the crew remains undiminished and even enhanced through a proper understanding of their ordeal. This volume also stands as a small example of the Navy's moral obligation to ensure that the sacrifices of all those who served are not forgotten by telling the complete history, both the good and the bad."

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U.S. Navy active duty and veterans, family members, military hsitorians and instructors of military history would find this publication about a highly publicized and historical ship of great interest and informative.

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