Fundamentals of Federal Student Aid Administration 2017-2018

Fundamentals of Federal Student Aid Administration 2017-2018
Fundamentals of Federal Student Aid Administration 2017-18
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This comprehensive weekly workshop kit is provided as a participant guide and is organized in the order of how financial aid is generally processed at most schools.

The workshop materials consist of a large three-ring binder with loose-leaf pages about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to provide a course for high school students, parents/caregivers, undergraduate students and graduate students who will follow a fictional student named Max Student, applying to the fictional college named Central Commercial College. The course provides specific details as Max applies for financial aid and the application requirements, including repayment obligations, as a way to pay for postsecondary education.  This essential book about FAFSA, PLUS loans, and Pell grants provides a Federal student aid handbook for the financial aid process.  In this situation presented as one week during the financial aid process, some of Max's fellow students will appear to help demonstrate the various scenarios that can occur as you process Federal student financial aid at your school of choice. 

The loose-leaf pages include text, tables to emphasize points, some presentation slides, worksheet examples (some with sample data completed), graphics, call-out boxes, definitions, and regulatory information that should help the reader compete the necessary paperwork for submitting a financial aid application.  

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Table of Contents

Introduction and Overview:

    Introduction to the Workshop

    Overview of the Process and Systems

Student Eligibility:

    Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to the Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR)

    ISIR-Reported Eligibility Criteria

    Expected Family Contribution (EFC)


    Professional Judgment

Preparing to Award:

    Establishing Cost of Attendance (COA)

    Basic Packaging Concepts

Awarding Pell Grants:

    Definitions and Basic Concepts of Pell Grants

    Pell Grants for Clock- Hour and Non-term Credit-Hour Programs

    Pell Grants for Term-Based Credit- Hour Programs

Awarding Direct Loans:

    Introduction to Direct Loans

    Borrower-Based Academic Year 3 (BBAY3)

    Scheduled Academic Year (SAY) and Borrower-Based Academic Year 1 (BBAY1)

    Entrance Counseling

    Transfer Monitoring


Disbursing and Cash Management:

    Fiscal Obligations and Cash Management

    Making Disbursements


    Returning Funds


Student Departures:

    Return of Title IV Funds (R2T4) for Clock-Hour Programs

    Return of Title IV Funds (R2T4) for Credit-Hour Programs

    Exit Counseling

    Enrollment Reporting

CEO Session:

    Administrative Responsibilities

    Consumer Information Disclosures-at-a-Glance




    IPEDS Information

    Video Instructions

    Blank Worksheets 


This authoritative workshop would be helpful to high school guidance counselors assisting prospective high school, undergraduate, and graduate students and their families with the financial aid application process.  This would also be useful to academic and vocational school financial aid offices.  In addition, this will help applicants as they engage with this process to gain additional education for the necessary job skills they need to enter the workforce for employment.

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