Foreign Relations of the United States, 1969-1976, Volume XXXVII, Energy Crisis, 1974-1980

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1969-1976, Volume XXXVII, Energy Crisis, 1974-1980
Foreign Relations of the United States, 1969-1976, Volume XXXVII, Energy Crisis, 1974-1980
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This volume is part of a subseries of volumes of the Foreign Relations series that documents the most important issues in the foreign policy of Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald R. Ford. However, because of the thematic approach taken to document the energy crisis, this volume covers U.S. policy across administrations from August 1974 through the end of the Carter administration in January 1981. Volume XXXVI, Energy Crisis, 1969–1974, documents energy issues from early concerns within the Nixon administration about high oil imports through the crisis of the 1973 Arab oil embargo and the February 1974 Washington Energy Conference.

This is one of a growing number of Foreign Relations volumes that document global issues instead of a bilateral relationship, reflecting the changing nature of U.S. foreign policy in response to an increasingly interrelated world. The documentation in this volume focuses primarily on the Ford and Carter administrations’ strategies to mitigate the damage to the U.S. and global economy of rising oil prices imposed by the OPEC cartel and reduced availability occasioned by the Iranian Revolution in 1979. U.S. policy was primarily multilateral, and U.S. diplomats were active participants in the development of the International Energy Agency’s program of energy cooperation. The Economic Summits of the period brought together the heads of state of the richest industrialized countries in Rambouillet, London, Bonn, and Tokyo to devise a common strategy to deal with the impact of high oil prices on the global economy.

The volume also documents both administrations’ bilateral efforts to reach agreements with Mexico, the Soviet Union, and Iran to supply oil and natural gas to the United States. Both administrations also undertook broad-based domestic initiatives to increase energy conservation and reduce oil imports.

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Energy Crisis, 1974-1980



Middle school and high school students in civics, U.S. history, and/or World History classes may be interested in this volume for research papers. Additionally, undergraduate and graduate level students pursuing political science, Middle East Studies, U.S. History, or International Relations degrees may also be interested in this volume for research paper coursework. Political scientists, historians, and U.S. presidential scholars may also be interested in this reference work.  Middle school, high school, academic, and public libraries should have this primary source historical reference volume available for patrons’ research.

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