Fiscal Year 2015 Historical Tables, Budget of the U.S. Government

Fiscal Year 2015 Historical Tables, Budget of the U.S. Government
Fiscal Year 2015 Historical Tables, Budget of the U.S. Government
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Officially released on March 10, 2014. As  one of the 4 volumes of the FY2015 Budget Request of the President, the Historical Tables Fiscal Year Budget volume provides data on Federal budget receipts (income), outlays (expenditures), surpluses or deficits, and the Federal debt over a time period extending from FY 1940 or earlier to FY 2019. To the extent feasible, the data has been adjusted to provide consistency with the FY 2015 Budget and to provide comparability.


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Policymakers, members of government, governmental agencies, and businesses will all want information on the Federal Budget since this data can affect future policy decisions and business and market trends.  In addition, members of the general public who want to be informed about, and understand, the Federal Budget will enjoy this publication.

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