Faa Safety Briefing; May/june 2017

FAA Safety Briefing, V. 56, No. 3, May/June 2017
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Published six times a year, FAA Safety Briefing, formerly FAA Aviation News, promotes aviation safety by discussing current technical, regulatory, and procedural aspects affecting the safe operation and maintenance of aircraft. Although based on current FAA policy and rule interpretations, all material is advisory or informational in nature and should not be construed to have regulatory effect. Certain details of accidents described herein may have been altered to protect the privacy of those involved.

The May/June 2017 issue of FAA Safety Briefing focuses on the exciting and ever-expanding world of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). Feature articles answer the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of UAS operations, including the regulatory and technical challenges they present.

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Table of Contents


7 The Dawn of Drones: Why We All Need to Care About UAS by Susan Parson

9 When Do I Need a Certificate? A Look at Hobbyist vs. Commercial Requirements for UAS by James Williams

12 Who's Behind UAS? A Look at Drone Support, Programs, and Initiatives in the FAA by Jennifer Caron

16 How Do We All Get Along? A Look at the FAA's Strategy for UAS Integration into the NAS by Tom Hoffmann

20 Where Do I Find the Drone Zone? Navigating Cyberspace for Official UAS Resources by Paul Cianciolo

24 What's it like to Fly a Global Hawk? A First Person Account of Large UAS Operations by Chris Huebner

27 Drone Dragnet: UAS Guide for Law Enforcement Officials by Paul Cianciolo



1 Jumpseat - an executive policy perspective

2 ATIS - GA news and current events

5 Aeromedical Advisory - a checkup on all things aeromedical

6 Ask Medical Certification - Q&A on medical certification issues

23 Checklist - FAA resources and safety reminders

31 - Nuts, Bolts, and Electrons - GA maintenance issues

33 Angle of Attack - GA safety strategies

34 Vertically Speaking - safety issues for rotorcraft pilots

35 Flight Forum - letters from the Safety Briefing mailbag

36 Postflight - an editor's perspective

Inside Back Cover: FAA Faces - FAA employee profile


FAA personnel, aircraft operators, those responsible for the maintenance of aircraft, and pilots may be interested in this Safety Briefing.

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