Disaster Preparedness Manual: Natural Diasters, Man-Made Disasters, Patient Fact Sheets

Disaster Preparedness Manual: Natural Diasters, Man-Made Disasters, Patient Fact Sheets
Disaster Preparedness Manual: Natural Disasters, Man-Made Disasters, Patient Fact Sheets
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The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs takes disaster planning and response very seriously. This manual, comprised of three major sections, summarizes actions that Veterans and their families can take to effectively cope with a disaster.  The sections are:

  • Natural Disasters (tornadoes, floods, etc.)
  • Man-Made Disasters (chemical attacks, bombings, etc.)
  • Patient Fact Sheets

The section relating to Patient Facts Sheets provides easy-to-understand material concerning health conditions that can worsen during emergencies, common reactions to disasters, and coping strategies.

This illustrated reference emphasizes actions designed to prevent or reduce impact of natural or human-caused hazards. Information is also presented to assist those with access and functional needs, including children, people with disabilities, and older adults, as well as pets.

Additionally, this book contains tips, including numerous checklists, on ways to prepare for, and recover from, a disaster, such as:

  • Planning an evacuation route
  • Seeking temporary shelter
  • Assembling a First Aid Kit
  • Safely storing food and water for prolonged periods of time
  • Stockpiling emergency supplies, and more

The resource primarily addresses veterans' needs in preparations for preparing for disasters and recovery, but many of the checklists may apply to the general population, as well.

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Target audience are veterans and their families so that they can prepare safety plans for different types of disasters. Civilians would also benefit from the information provided in this publication.

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