A Decade of Discovery (Hardcover)

A Decade of Discovery (Hardcover)
A Decade of Discovery (Hardcover)
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A Decade of Discovery provides a fascinating account of some of the most significant scientific discoveries and technological innovations coming out of the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Laboratories. This remarkable book illustrates how the men and women of the National Laboratories are keeping us on the cutting edge.

Though few Americans are familiar with the scope and scale of the work conducted at these National Laboratories, their research is literally changing our lives and bettering our planet. The book describes the scientific discoveries and technological advancements "in recognition of the men and women working in DOE's seventeen national laboratories across the country." Through highly vivid and accessible stories, this book details recent breakthroughs in three critical areas: 1) Energy and Environment, 2) National Security, and 3) Life and Physical Science.

"Decade" describes how this government-funded research has resulted in more energy-efficient buildings; new, cleaner alternative fuels that reduce greenhouse gas emissions; safer, more efficient, nuclear power plants; improved responses to disease outbreaks; more secure and streamlined airport security; more effective treatments for cancer and other diseases; and astonishing discoveries that are altering our understanding of the universe and enabling scientific breakthroughs in fields such as nanotechnology and particle physics. Specifically, it contains 37 stories, two focused on Brookhaven's research and facilities - "A Perfect Liquid" and "Take the Nano-Train" - and one highlighting Brookhaven work - "The Future of Fuel." Brookhaven's iconic STAR image from the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider graces the front cover.

A Decade of Discovery is truly a recent history of discovery—and a fascinating look at what the next decade holds.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

National Laboratories
Energy and Environment 
National Security 
Life and Physical Science 
Information Resources


This publication would be useful for federal and state agencies, policymakers, lawyers, conservationists, companies and organizations advocating for alternative energy, scientists, researchers, healthcare workers, security agencies and workers, and members of the general public dealing with, and interested in, scientific breakthroughs in energy efficiency, disease treatment, safety and security, nanotechnology, particle physics, disease outbreak control, and a variety of other fascinating topics.

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