CERT Basic Training Instructor\'s Guide

CERT Basic Training Instructor\'s Guide
Community Emergency Response Team Basic Training Instuctor Guide
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CERT is a critical program in the effort to engage everyone in America in making their communities safer, more prepared, and more resilient when incidents occur.

Community-based preparedness planning allows us all to prepare for and respond to anticipated disruptions and potential hazards following a disaster. As individuals, we can prepare our homes and families to cope during that critical period. Through pre-event planning, neighborhoods and worksites can also work together to help reduce injuries, loss of lives, and property damage. Neighborhood preparedness will enhance the ability of individuals and neighborhoods to reduce their emergency needs and to manage their existing resources until professional assistance becomes available.

Studies of behavior following disasters have shown that groups working together in the disaster period perform more effectively if there has been prior planning and training for disaster response. These studies also show that organized grassroots efforts may be more successful if they are woven into the social and political fabric of the community— neighborhood associations, schools, workplaces, places of worship, and other existing organizations.

Effective response therefore requires comprehensive planning and coordination of all who will be involved—government, volunteer groups, private businesses, schools, and community organizations. With training and information, individuals and community groups can be prepared to serve as a crucial resource capable of performing many of the emergency functions needed in the immediate post-disaster period. The CERT Program is designed to train individuals to be assets to help communities prepare for effective disaster response.


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Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Introduction and Overview 
Community Preparedness
When Disaster Strikes
About Community Emergency Response Team (CRT) Training
How CERTs Operate
Course Overview and Objectives
Course Agenda
After CERT Basic Training
Instructor Responsibilities

Unit 1: Disaster Preparedness
- Introductions and Overview
- Community Preparedness: Roles and Responsibilities
- Hazards and Their Potential Impact
- Impact on the Infrastructure
- Home and Workplace Preparedness
- Reducing the Impact of Hazards Through Mitigation
- CERT Disaster Response
- Protection for Disaster Workers
- Additional Training for CERTs
- Unit Summary
- Additional Materials
Appendix 1-A  Hazard Lesson Plans

Unit 2: Fire Safety and Utility Controls
- Introduction and Unit Overview
- Fire Chemistry
- Fire and Utility Hazards
- CERT Sizeup
- Fire Sizeup Considerations
- Firefighting Resources
- Fire Suppression Safety
- Hazardous Materials
- Exercise: Suppressing Small Fires
Unit Summary

Unit 3: Disaster Medical Operations — Part 1
- Introduction and Unit Overview
- Treating Life-Threatening Conditions
- Triage
- Unit Summary

Unit 4: Disaster Medical Operations -- Part 2
- Introduction and Unit Overview
- Public Health Considerations
- Functions of Disaster Medical Operations
- Establishing Medical Treatment Areas
- Conducting Head-to-Toe Assessments
- Treating Burns
- Wound Care
- Treating Fractures, Dislocations, Sprains, and Strains
- Nasal Injuries
- Treating Cold-Related Injuries
- Treating Heat-Related Injuries
- Bites and Stings
- Unit Summary

Unit 5: Light Search and Rescue Operations
- Introduction and Unit Overview
- Safety During Search and Rescue Operations
- Conducting Interior and Exterior Search Operations
- Conducting Rescue Operations
- Unit Summary

Unit 6: CERT Organization
- Introduction and Unit Overview
- CERT Organization
- CERT Mobilization
- Documentation
- Activity: ICS Functions
- Activity: Tabletop Exercise
- Unit Summary

Unit 7: Disaster Psychology
- Introduction and Unit Overview
- Disaster Trauma
- Team Well-Being
- Working with Survivors’ Trauma
- Unit Summary

Unit 8: Terrorism and CERT
- Introduction and Unit Overview
- What Is Terrorism?
- Terrorist Targets
- Terrorist Weapons
- CBRNE Indicators
- Preparing at Home, Work, and in Your Neighborhood
- CERTs and Terrorist Incidents
- Activity: Applying CERT Principles to a Suspected Terrorist Incident
- Unit Summary

Unit 9: Course Review and Disaster Simulation
- Introduction and Unit Overview
- Course Review
- Final Exam
- Disaster Simulation
- Exercise Critique and Summary


As each CERT is organized and trained in accordance with standard operating procedures developed by the sponsoring agency, its members select an Incident Commander/Team Leader (IC/TL) and an alternate and identify a meeting location, or staging area, to be used in the event of a disaster.  This publication is ideal for the chosen IC/TL, and members of the CERT may want to consult this manual to understand the responsibilities of the IC/TL.

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