A Basic Guide To Exporting: Official U.S. Government Resource for Small and Medium Sized Businesses 11th Edition

A Basic Guide To Exporting: Official U.S. Government Resource for Small and Medium Sized Businesses 11th Edition
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A Basic Guide to Exporting addresses virtually every issue a company looking to export might face. Numerous sections, charts, lists and definitions throughout the book’s 19 chapters provide in-depth information and solid advice about the key activities and issues relevant to any prospective exporter, including:

• Getting things rolling
• Delivering your product
• Financial issues
• Overseas activities
• Legal issues


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Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
• Basic Guide Home
• The World is Open for Your Business
• Developing an Export Strategy
• Developing a Marketing Plan
• Export Advice
• Methods and Channels
• Finding Qualified Buyers
• Tech Licensing and Joint Ventures
• Preparing Your Product for Export
• Exporting Service
• International Legal Considerations
• Going Online: E-Exporting
• Shipping Your Product
• Pricing, Quotations and Terms
• Methods of Payment
• Financing Export Transactions
• Business Travel Abroad
• Selling Overseas and After-Sales Service
• Rules of Origin for FTAs
• Conclusion
• Appendices
• Glossary of Terms
• Definitions of Abbreviations
• Free Trade Agreements Chart
• Forms
• Case Studies


This book is appropriate for small businesspeople, college business students and faculty.  Additionally, business and economic development professionals will benefit from this book.  General readers who have an interest in exporting and business will find this an excellent read.

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Commerce Dept., International Trade Administration; and U.S. Commercial Service
  • Barry, Doug
2016: 256 p.; ill.
Key Phrases:
  • Basic Guide To Exporting
  • Exports
  • Official U.S. Government Resource for Small and Medium Sized Businesses
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