Bandelier National Monument Junior/Deputy Ranger Booklet for All Ages

Bandelier National Monument Junior/Deputy Ranger Booklet for All Ages
Bandelier National Monument Junior/Deputy Ranger Booklet for All Ages
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How to Become A Bandelier Junior Ranger? Be an explorer. Complete your challenge by following the booklet instructions.The main steps:  Complete the RESPECT AND PROTECT activity, plus 4 more of these activities. First: PROTECT and RESPECT Story Puzzle & Word Search. This activity is very important. You must complete it before starting on your challenge in the rest of the park. Depending on your age you can replace any activity with an activity from a higher age groups but not lower one. Look for the color code in the table of contents for each grade level. Learn about the difference between native and "alien non-native exotic species. Move on to understanding climate change at Bandelier. Then "think like an Archeologist" and answer questions about Bandelier structures. Imagine You're a Park Superintendent! Your job would be to make a decision about how to protect this special place for future generations. That's just for starters. When you complete all the subjects you could be a successful candidate and receive a Bandelier Junior Ranger patch and our hearty congratulations.

Table of Contents

Map & Directions 2-3

Respect & Protect activity  4 

Talus House Dot-to-Dot  5

Bandelier Bingo 6

Plant Matching Activity 7

Wildlife Signs  8

Interview with a Ranger  10

Inside a Cavate Home  11

Why Protect and Respect 12

Think like an Archeologist 13

Bandelier Diamante 14

What Happened here? 15

Alien Invasion 16

Be a Superintendent 17

Native Species  18

NPS An Inside Look 19


Young men and women visitors over the school grade of 7th can become a Deputy Ranger when visiting the Bandelier Park and completing the Junior Ranger task booklet.

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Interior Dept., National Park Service
Pages have colored borders. Green pages are for everyone, including preschool to first graders. Purple pages are also for everyone. Red pages are especially for grades 2-3. Blue pages are especially for grades 4 to 6. Yellow pages are for grades 7 and up. The monument is named after a Swiss American archeologist whose last name was Bandelier. Deputy rangers are adults such as parents.
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