The Army Command Post and Defense Reshaping, 1987-1997 (ePub eBook)

The Army Command Post and Defense Reshaping, 1987-1997 (ePub eBook)
The Army Command Post and Defense Reshaping, 1987-1997 (ePub eBook)
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Dr. Mark Sherry’s The Army Command Post and Defense Reshaping, 1987–1997, examines this tumultuous period in depth. The author relates how the efforts of Army leaders to develop options for change were soon overtaken by actions of the Office of the Secretary of Defense and Joint Chiefs of Staff regarding Army size, structure, and missions. Strengthened by the 1986 Goldwater-Nichols reorganization act, the Joint Chiefs led the way, exerting an unprecedented degree of power in reshaping Defense Department policies and postures. Sherry first considers the Army’s studies and recommendations before tackling the higher level initiatives that followed, culminating in the Bottom-up Review and finally the first Quadrennial Defense Review. These Defense Department studies quickly overshadowed all Army reshaping efforts and seized the initiative for defense transformation

Table of Contents

Foreword vii

Preface ix

The Author  xii

Chapter 1. Introduction  1

The Situation Before the Goldwater-Nichols Act  2

2. Antaeus and the New Paradigm, 1987–1989 15

The Strategic Setting After the Goldwater-Nichols Act  16

Readiness and Force Modernization Issues  20

Catalysts for Change  21

Antaeus 24

Contingency Operations 32

3. The Cold War Ends, 1989–1990  37

Quicksilver  38

Vanguard  41

The Base Force  45

4. Toward a New Strategy, 1989–1990 59

The Defense Management Review 59

The Gulf War 63

Development of a New Strategy 66

Reconstituting the Army  71

Base Realignment and Closure 73

HQDA Redesign, 1992  75

The 1992 Roles and Missions Study 78

5. Change from Above  81

The Bottom-Up Review, 1993 81

The Commission on Roles and Missions, 1994–1995  91

iv 6. The Army Responds 103

New Contingencies 103

The Modern Louisiana Maneuvers 108

Force XXI 111

7. The Quadrennial Defense Review, 1996–1997  119

Changing National Military Strategy  120

Army Preparations for the Quadrennial Defense Review  122

Joint Staff Quadrennial Defense Review Plans  130

The Review Begins 133

Results 141

8. Two Final Reviews, 1997–1998  151

The National Defense Panel  151

The Task Force on Defense Reform 159

9. Conclusion 165

Goldwater-Nichols 165

Early Reshaping  167

Toward a New Strategy  173

Process and Progress 174

Toward a New Century 175


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