Agricultural Statistics 2017

Agricultural Statistics 2017
Agricultural Statistics 2017
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Agricultural Statistics is published each year to meet the diverse need for a reliable reference book on agricultural production, supplies, consumption, facilities, costs, and returns. Its tables of annual data cover a wide variety of facts in forms suited to most common use. The historical series in this volume are generally of data from 2007 and later. 

Statistics presented in many of the tables represent actual counts of the items covered. Most of the statistics relating to foreign trade and to Government programs, such as numbers and amounts of loans made to farmers, and amounts of loans made by the Commodity Credit Corporation, etc., are data of this type. A large number of other tables, however, contain data that are estimates made by the Department of Agriculture. The estimates for crops, livestock, and poultry made by the U.S. Department of Agriculture are prepared mainly to give timely current State and national totals and averages. They are based on data obtained by sample surveys of farmers and of people who do business with farmers. The survey data are supplemented by information from the Censuses of Agriculture taken every five years and check data from various sources. Being estimates, they are subject to revision as more data become available from commercial or Government sources

Table of Contents

Introduction iii

Weights, measures and conversion factors  iv

I—Grain and feed: Total grain supply  I-1

Food grains:

Wheat I-1

Rye  I-13

Rice I-16

Feed grains: Corn  I-23

Oats  I-31

Barley  I-35

Sorghum . I-40

Animal units fed I-46

Feedstuffs I-48

Millet I-49

II—Cotton, tobacco, sugar crops and honey:

Cotton  II-1

Sugarbeets II-15

Sugarcane  II-16

Sugar II-17

Honey II-20

Tobacco  .II-22

III—Oilseeds, fats and oils: Cottonseed  III-1

Flaxseed  III-5

Peanuts  III-8

Soybeans III-13

Sunflower III-22

Peppermint and spearmint III-26

Mint oil and Olive oil III-27

Fats and oils III-27

IV—Vegetables and melons: Vegetables and melons IV-1

Vegetable shipments IV-35

Vegetable utilization IV-36

Frozen vegetables and potato products  IV-39

V—Fruits, tree nuts and horticultural specialties:

Fruits V-1

Tree nuts .V-39

Cocoa beans, coffee, and tea V-45

Mushrooms V-47

Flowers V-48

Cold storage holdings V-59

VI—Hay, seeds and minor field crops: Hay VI-1

Seeds VI-9

Beans, dry edible VI-10

Peas, dry VI-13

Hops VI-15

Page VII—Cattle, hogs and sheep:

Cattle and calves VII-1

Hogs  VII-14

Sheep and lambs VII-22

Wool  VII-29

Goats and mohair  VII-33

Meats VII-38

Hides VII-48

Livestock numbers VII-54

VIII—Dairy and poultry statistics:

Cows, milk VIII-1

Dairy products  VIII-16

Chickens  VIII-27

Turkeys  VIII-34

Eggs  VIII-36

Cold storage VIII-39

IX—Farm resources, income and expenses:

Economic trends IX-1

Number of farms, land in farms IX-2

Farm labor IX-22

Farm production and distribution IX-25

Prices and income IX-34

Costs and expenses  IX-47

X—Insurance, credit and cooperatives:

Crop losses  X-1

Insurance X-3

Credit and loan programs X-10

Farmers’ cooperatives X-13

Rural utilities X-15

XI—Stabilization and price-support programs:

Commodity Credit Corporation XI-1

Farm Service Agency programs XI-12

Marketing orders XI-14

XII—Agricultural conservation and forestry statistics:

Conservation Reserve Programs XII-1

Forestry XII-18

XIII—Consumption and family living:

Population XIII-1

Food consumption and nutrition XIII-1

Food Costs XIII-6

Nutrition Assistance Programs XIII-7

XIV—Fertilizers and pesticides:

Field crops XIV-1

Fruits XIV-20

Vegetables XIV-21

XV—Miscellaneous agricultural statistics:

Agricultural imports and exports XV-1

Fishery statistics  XV-14

Refrigeration statistics . XV-30

Alaska statistics  XV-32

Crop rankings XV-33

Crop progress XV-34

Appendix I: Telephone contact list  Appendix-1

'Index Index


Agricultural community, farmers, ranchers, foodstuff producers and marketers, agricutural markets investors, Chicago Board of Trade members and brokers.

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