2020 Explore Science(NASA Calendar)

2020 Explore Science(NASA Calendar)
2020 Explore Science (NASA Calendar)
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The Year 2020 NASA Calendar is all about space exploration and deserves a place on any space-explorers’ walls!

As NASA prepares for journeys back to the moon and in the foreseeable future on to Mars, this calendar is a fantastic reminder of the future of man on planets across the universe. In the words of NASA Administrator Thomas Zurbuchen, “discoveries we make today are inspiring a new generation to follow in our footsteps. Science is for everyone. I invite all to join us on this journey to explore together and learn through the power of discovery.”

Turn the monthly pages of this visually remembrance for years to come. Each month has a two-page spread to feature a large image in space, plus the actual month on the other page featuring information about each image and a recognized science expert that contributed to NASA’s discoveries and innovations. In the middle of the calendar are multiple page spreads showcasing Year 2020 with each Month - of - the -Year, At-A-Glance, and vibrant images of the Sun and Moon containing Operating and Future Missions within NASA Explore Science program.  It also includes January and February 2021 months to keep you planning into early the following year!

Here is a glimpse of what's included:

  • January - Westerhout 40 is Home to Hundreds of Baby Stars

Wendy L. Freeman known for her measurement of the Hubble constant and determining the age of the universe

  • February - Seeing Titan with Infrared Eyes

Ellen Stofan, Director of National Air and Space Museum

  • March - Churning in the Chukchi Sea

Eugenia Kalnay, former head of Global Modeling and Simulation at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center


Anyone who seeks to be a scientist of today or tomorrow, and, an ideal visual for any child’s room or primary grade to secondary classrooms.

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