2019 Missile Defense Review

2019 Missile Defense Review
2019 Missile Defense Review
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On a global scale missile technology has made major strides, from Russia…. to China… to Iran… to North Korea. The U.S. Military recognizes these new threats and is taking action to aggressively counter the increasing threat to national security.

The 2019 Missile Defense Review (MDR) sets the strategy guidelines for the Department of Defense (DoD)-wide effort to strengthen the defense of our homeland and the Joint Force’s posture. It presents the policies, strategies, and capabilities to:

  • guide the Department’s missile defense initiatives and programs over the coming decade
  • to enhance the protection of the American people, defend our sovereignty, and,
  • meet our international obligations and commitments to our allies and partners

MDR 2019 also explores the Department of Defense (DoD) missile defense programs to counter the expanding offensive missile arsenal threats posed by rogue states and revisionist powers.

It represents America’s military’s recognition that the threat environment is markedly more dangerous than in years past and demands a concerted U.S. effort to improve existing capabilities for both homeland regional missile defense strategy, and deeper relations with our allies.

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary 

I. Introduction 

II. The Evolving Threat Environment

III. Roles, Policy, and Strategy 

IV. U.S. Missile Defense Programs and Capabilities 

V. Missile Defense Management and Testing

VII. Conclusion


Officers of all U. S. military branches, officials and officers of foreign government allies, military contractors serving the missle command organizations, warfare and military educators and students, political scientists.

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