2019 Explore Science NASA (Calendar)

2019 Explore Science NASA (Calendar)
2019 Explore Science NASA (Calendar)
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When is a Calendar a timeless “keepsake”? When it’s a New Year release of the Out-of-this-World NASA Calendar The selected images from outer space in the calendar are nature’s art. Each is a moment in space and time that represents the efforts of many individuals committed to the scientific pursuit of knowledge and advancement of humankind.

Close your eyes and visualize the fantastic photography that characterizes the 2019 NASA Calendar. Here’s are brief descriptions of images featured in this year’s calendar for the first two months to “just imagine”.

January: Phytoplankton Bloom in the Western North Atlantic Ocean. Swirls of phytoplankton outline turbulent surface currents in the western North Atlantic Ocean

February: Circles and Hexagons. Saturn’s cloud belts generally move around the planet in a circular path, but one feature is slightly different. The planet’s wandering, hexagon-shaped polar jet stream breaks the mold—a reminder that surprises lurk everywhere in the solar system.

To adventure into outer space you can purchase one of the now limited edition of NASA 2019 calendars still available. More than a wall calendar, a piece of outer space art worthy of any space enthusiast's collection.


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Junior space explorers, and adults intrigued by outerspace, the atmosphere, and NASA's space programs, will enjoy this product.  In addition, this product would make a great holiday gift that your space scientist will treasure.

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