2016 Health of the Force: Create a Healthier Force for Tomorrow

2016 Health of the Force: Create a Healthier Force for Tomorrow
2016 Health of the Force: Create a Healthier Force for Tomorrow
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As with the previous edition, this year’s publication reports installation-level population health metrics for Active Component Soldiers based on national leading health indicators and military-relevant measures of health readiness. The report represents a cross-sectional assessment of population health status for the preceding calendar year based on information from existing medical surveillance and health-related data systems. A goal of medical surveillance is to improve Soldier health and readiness by informing programs to reduce and, ultimately, prevent illness and injury. Health of the Force highlights programs and initiatives with vignette and spotlight sections to provide context for the current surveillance data and showcase the diverse ways in which the Army is enhancing its health readiness. The 2016 report includes several changes to expand its content and improve the quality of the information provided. Expanded topics cover additional aspects of health readiness and include environmental factors that impact well-being. Methods were adjusted to improve consistency with other Army health surveillance products. Report spotlights now include both Army and local initiatives. Information on Family member obesity is included in this edition, as is the impact of parental deployment on child behavioral health. To leverage best practices across the Army, a “Top 5” list for each indicator identifies the highest performing installations.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

Introduction 1
Environmental Health 5
System for Health 15
Performance Triad 17
Installation Health Index 33
  Medical Readiness 40
  Health Outcomes 54
  Health Factors 76
  Healthcare Delivery 100
Installation Profile Summaries 107
Appendices 146


Medical personnel, facilities, organizations, and committees serving the U.S. Army will find this publication most useful.  In addition, soldiers and their families may be interested in this publication in order to learn about healthcare development and options.

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