GPO Publishing Services

Content Development and Dissemination Services

The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) provides a number of content development and dissemination services for our Federal Agency clients as part of our mission of "Keeping America Informed."

Here at the Publication & Information Sales Division, we offer:

  • Product Fulfilment & Distribution (Pick & Pack) Services, provide Federal agencies with a variety of cost-effective reimbursable distribution services from our secure warehouses, from handling large, one-time mailings or recurring shipments, to long-term storage of publications or materials and ongoing direct-to-customer fulfillment. (Learn more about our Distribution Services.)

  • Contact the Publication & Information Sales Team: For eBook advice and to find out how GPO's Publication & Information Sales team can help you reach a wider audience for your Federal agency print and digital content, please contact us today:
    • Jeff Turner at (202) 512-1055, email jturner @
    • Maureen Whelan at (202) 512-2245, email: mwhelan @

SuDocs Deposit Accounts

To provide an easier way for Federal Agencies to purchase services and publications from GPO, we provide the option of setting up a deposit account through the Superintendent of Documents. (Click here to learn more).

Other GPO Services for Federal Agencies

To learn about GPO's extensive service offerings to Federal agencies,