US & Military History

US & Military History

Explore these Government publications highlighting U.S. and military history. Military topics cover major wars and battles, as well as the history on all branches of the military. For anyone interested in America’s history, key publications cover information on American democracy, presidents, presidential elections, and other important topics.

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Image for Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States

Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States

By: U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

GPO Stock # 027-002-00540-6 ISBN: 9780160785825

A pocket-size booklet containing the complete text of these two core documents of American democracy: the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States.


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The Mobility Forum, V. 23, No. 2, Summer 2014

By: Defense Dept.

GPO Stock # 708-029-00215-0 ISBN:

The Mobility Forum articulates the importance of safety in the air and on the ground through informative articles based on first-hand experiences in a variety of Air Force professions.


This issue features the following...

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The Path to War: U.S. Marine Corps Operations in Southeast Asia, 1961 to 1965

By: Defense Dept., Navy, Marine Corps

GPO Stock # 008-055-00256-7 ISBN: 9780160920448

The 2008 National Defense Authorization Act authorized the Secretary of Defense to conduct a program to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War. A Path to War is the first in a series dedicated to the Marine Corps'...

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Good Tuberculosis Men: The Army Medical Department\'s Struggle With Tuberculosis

By: Defense Dept., Army, Borden Institute

GPO Stock # 008-023-00148-1 ISBN: 9780160921988

In 1917, as the United States prepared for war in Europe, Army Surgeon General William C. Gorgas recognized the threat of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to American troops. What the Army needed was some “good tuberculosis men.” Despite the efforts of...

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Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States, Barack Obama, 2010, Book 2

Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States, Barack Obama, 2010, Book 2, July 1 to December 31, 2010

By: National Archives and Records Administration, Office of the Federal Register

GPO Stock # 069-000-00190-4 ISBN: 9780160866180


Fourth volume of the official Public Papers of the Presidents series for President Barack Obama, in a high-quality clothbound...

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The Noncommissioned Officer and Petty Officer: Backbone of the Armd Forces

The Noncommissioned Officer and Petty Officer: Backbone of the Armd Forces

By: Defense Dept., Army, National Defense University

GPO Stock # 008-029-00568-9 ISBN: 9780160923821

A first of its kind, this book—of, by, and for the noncommissioned officer and petty officer—is a comprehensive explanation of the enlisted leader across the U.S. Armed Services. It complements The Armed Forces Officer, the latest edition of...

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Parameters: US Army War College Quarterly, V. 44, No. 1, Spring 2014

By: Defense Dept., Army, United States Army War College

GPO Stock # 708-055-00117-1 ISBN:

US Army War College Quarterly.    Each issue covers the topics of Contemporary Strategy and Landpower.  It furthers the education and professional development of senior military officers, and members
of government and academia concerned...

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Combat Edge, V. 23, No. 1, Summer Edition 2014

By: Defense Dept., Air Force, Air Combat Command, Office of Safety

GPO Stock # 708-051-00305-4 ISBN:

The Air Combat Command (ACC) Full Spectrum Safety Magazine.  This issue features an article entitled "The Glove" that provides an inspiring story about a combat mission, and another article featuring an Air Force wife's courageous struggle and...

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Military Review: The Professional Journal of the U.S. Army, V. 94, No. 3, May-June 2014

By: Defense Dept., Army, Headquarters, Combined Arms Center

GPO Stock # 708-099-00111-9 ISBN:

Military Review is a refereed journal that provides a forum for original thought and debate on the art and science of land warfare and other issues of current interest to the U.S. Army and the Department of Defense. Military Review also supports...

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HUMANITIES V.35 #3 May- June 2014;

Humanities V.35 #3 May- June 2014


GPO Stock # 736-002-00176-7 ISBN:

Humanities magazine appeals to a broad audience with interest in the arts, social sciences, and humanities.  This issue may interest a broad number of consumers with interest in writing, writers, history, science discoveries, and African Amiercan...

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