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Image for Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States

Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States

By: U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

GPO Stock # 027-002-00540-6 ISBN: 9780160785825

A pocket-size booklet containing the complete text of these two core documents of American democracy: the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States.


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Military Review: The Professional Journal of the U.S. Army, V. 94, No. 2, March-April 2014

By: Defense Dept., Army, Headquarters, Combined Arms Center

GPO Stock # 708-099-00110-1 ISBN:

As one of the premier military magazines / military journals, Military Review provides a forum for original thought and debate on the art and science of land warfare and other issues of current interest to the U.S. Army and the...

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Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 2014 Print Subscription Service

Code of Federal Regulations 2014 (Paperbound)

By: National Archives and Records Administration, Office of the Federal Register

GPO Stock # 869-080-00000-4 ISBN:

One-year print subscription of the Code of Federal Regulations. This irregular subscription service will include one copy of each volume for all 50 titles of the Code of Federal Regulations dated 2014. Estimated number of issues is 223. (Click...

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Hispanic Americans in Congress (Hardcover)

Hispanic Americans in Congress, 1822-2012 (Hardcover)

By: Congress, Joint Committee on Printing

GPO Stock # 052-071-01563-9 ISBN: 9780160920684

Updated through 2012, Hispanic Americans in Congress 1822-2012 is written for a general audience and researched using primary and secondary sources, this book contains a profile of every Hispanic American who has served in Congress....

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World Factbook 2013-14, 51st Edition

World Factbook 2013-14

By: Central Intelligence Agency

GPO Stock # 041-015-00311-9 ISBN: 9780160921957

The World Factbook provides information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 267 world entities. Reference tab includes: maps of the major world...

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FAA Safety Briefing, V. 53, No. 2, March/April 2014

FAA Safety Briefing, V. 53, No. 2, March/April 2014

By: Transportation Dept., Federal Aviation Administration

GPO Stock # 750-002-00195-8 ISBN:

One of six issues annually. The FAA Safety Briefing magazine provides updates on major Federal Aviation Administration rule changes and proposed changes, as well as refresher information on flight rules, maintenance airworthiness,...

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Joint Force Quarterly, Issue 72,2014 1st Quarter; Jfq:

Joint Force Quarterly: A Professional Military Journal, No. 71, 1st Quarter 2014

By: Defense Dept., National Defense University, Institute for National Strategic Studies

GPO Stock # 708-090-00072-7 ISBN:

Joint Force Quarterly is designed for national security professionals in and out of the U.S. Government to promote understanding of the integrated employment of land, sea, air, pace, and special operations forces. This journal focuses on joint...

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The Constitution of the United States of America, Analysis and Interpretation, C

Centennial edition. Popularly known as the Constitution Annotated or "CONAN", encompasses the U.S. Constitution and analysis and interpretation of the U.S. Constitution with in-text annotations of cases decided by the Supreme Court of the United...

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Skilled and Resolute: A History of the 12th Evacuation Hospital and the 212th MA

Skilled and Resolute: A History of the 12th Evacuation Hospital and the 212th MASH, 1917-2006

By: Defense Dept., Army, Borden Institute, US Army Medical Center and School; and Office of the Surgeon General

GPO Stock # 008-020-01628-4 ISBN: 9780160922534

Tracing the 90-year history of 212th MASH, the US Army`s oldest deployable hospital, this book looks at how medicine and the military have changed in these decades. Recognizing the challenges and accomplishments of the men and women of the 12th...

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 Health Insurance Claims Forms (CMS-1500) Single Sheets (Revised 2012)

Health Insurance Claims Forms (CMS-1500) Single Sheets (Revised 2012)

By: Health and Human Services Dept., Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

GPO Stock # 017-060-00663-3 ISBN:

This consists of 100 original, blank single sheets of the February 2012 Revision of the official CMS-1500 Medicare and Medicaid health insurance claim form required by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) of the U.S. Department...

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