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Coming Home: Reentry and Recovery From Space (ePub eBook)

By: US National Aeronautics and Space Administration/NASA

GPO Stock # 033-300-00001-8 ISBN: 9780160918629


This study represents a means of highlighting the myriad of technological developments that made possible the safe reentry and return  from space and the landing on Earth. This story extends back at least to the work of Walter Hohmann...

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Public Roads, V. 78, No. 1, July/August 2014

By: Transportation Dept., Federal Aviation Administration

GPO Stock # 750-005-00152-3 ISBN:

The magazine highlights developments in federal highway policies, programs, and research and technology.  Ground freight transportation is expected to increase by 62 percent by year 2040.  Advisory committees in numberous states are joining...

Price: $9.50

FAA Safety Briefing, V. 53, No. 5, September/October 2014

By: Transportation Dept., Federal Aviation Administration

GPO Stock # 750-002-00198-2 ISBN:

This issue features the Student Pilot Guide, Part II.  This issue's feature story is Finding the Right Pilot School for pilot training and finding the correct flight intructor for your needs.   Another article witbin this magzine covers "Making...

Price: $4.25

Observation-Based Posture Assessment: Review of Current Practice and Recommendations for Improvement

By: Health and Human Services Dept., Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

GPO Stock # 017-024-01704-3 ISBN: 9780160925269

This short and concise report describes an observational approach for assessing postural stress of the trunk and upper limbs that is intended to improve risk analysis for prevention of  musculoskeletal disorders. The approach is supported by...

Price: $18.00
Marine Corps Planning Process USMC MCWP 5-1

Marine Corps Planning Process

By: Defense Dept., Navy, Marine Corps

GPO Stock # 008-000-01087-1 ISBN: 9780160925252

The Marine Corps Planning Process (MCPP) supports the Marine Corps warfighting philosophy of maneuver warfare. Since planning is an essential and significant part of command and control, the Marine Corps Planning Process recognizes the commander’...

Price: $16.00
The Regular Army Before the Civil War, 1845-1860 - US Army Civil War Campaigns

The Regular Army Before the Civil War. 1845-1860

By: Defense Dept., Army, Center of Military History

GPO Stock # 008-029-00539-5 ISBN:


The Regular Army Before the Civil War, 1845–1860, and is part of the U.S. Army Campaigns of the Civil War series. This short study covers the fifteen years preceding the outbreak of the Civil War, to include the Mexican War; conflicts...

Price: $7.00

Upper Farmington Wild and Scenic River: Junior River Ranger Activity Booklet

By: Interior Dept., National Park Service

GPO Stock # 024-005-01310-5 ISBN: 9780160924231

This hands-on, colorful activity book provides the purpose, history and value of the Farmington River for young children.  Games, puzzles, mazes, “fill-in the blanks” and other educational tidbits are included to educate the young learner about...

Price: $8.00

Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report V. 63 No. 29


GPO Stock # 717-016-02147-2 ISBN:

This issue celebrates World Hepatitis Day.   This report also features other articles such as:
• Nutritional status of women and child refugees from Syria- Jordan, April/May 2014
• World Health Organization (WHO) Global Rotovirus ...

Price: $4.25

National Interoperability Field Operations Guide, Version 1.5

By: Homeland Security Dept., Office of Emergency Communications

GPO Stock # 072-000-00012-9 ISBN: 9780160922640


The National Interoperability Field Operations Guide (NIFOG) is published as a reference guide for public safety radio technicians and communications planners. The waterproof, pocket-sized guide (also...

Price: $4.50

Economic Indicators, June 2014

By: Congress, Joint Economic Committee

GPO Stock # 752-004-00356-0 ISBN:

Economists, statisticians, financial planners, human resource directors, manufacturing vice presidents, senior business professionals, bankers, accountants, real estate brokers, and general consumers as well as the general media that may report...

Price: $5.00
330 items