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The United States Army War College is an elite US Army school located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, with a dual mission of research as well as instruction in leadership, strategy, and joint service/ international operations focused on Landpower.

EDUCATION: With its first mission-- education-- the College serves to prepare both high-level US and foreign military personnel along with senior civilian employees of the US Federal Government for strategic leadership responsibilities, honing their critical-thinking and problem-solving skills in the global application of Landpower. The college grants its graduates a master's degree in Strategic Studies.

RESEARCH: Under its second mission as a research institution and think tank, the College's various Centers and Institutes conduct research, publish, engage in discourse, and wargame with the entire faculty, staff, students and fellows in order to generate ideas and test concepts for the application of Landpower at the strategic level.

In addition to the College itself, it also includes the following Centers and Institutes:

  • Center for Strategic Leadership (the Collins Center) which conducts strategic political-military simulations, supports Army exercises, performs analysis and research, conducts interagency education, training, and development,  and supports the Army leadership's strategic communications program;
  • Strategic Studies Institute (SSI) which engages in research and analysis, publishes books and reports, and sponsors and participates in conferences;
  • Army Physical Fitness Research Institute (APFRI) which provides state-of-art comprehensive health and fitness assessments to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in senior leaders at the Army War College, the Army Sergeants Major Academy, and the Command and General Staff College; 
  • Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute (PKSOI) which serves as the U.S. military premier center of excellence for mastering stability, security, transition, reconstruction (SSTR) and peace operations at the strategic and operational level
  • Army Heritage and Education Center which serves as a library and archive.

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