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Whether it's Veterans Day, a promotion, a retirement or other occasion, any time of the year is a great time to honor veterans and our members of the military.

To celebrate of the bravery and sacrifice of all U.S. service members, the U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) has assembled a special collection of military publications that would make excellent gifts for any American veteran or member of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Stay up-to-date with the Armed Forces by reading a military magazine.  You can also purchase a military subscription as a surprise gift! 

Browse our extensive collection of digital military resources. Publications in this collection include eBook resources from the Borden InstituteNaval History & Heritage Command, National Defense UniversityMarine Corps University Press (MCUP) and much more.

This dynamic and authoritative grouping of resources will help you to learn more about Military Education through U.S. Department of Defense published print subscription journals and periodicals, military policy and strategy documents to meet 21st Century challenges,  U.S. historical documents, some about wars and conflicts,  and others relating to military ethics and leadership.

You will find select print  and digital formats of U.S. military documents published by the U.S. Army's War College components, such as Army Training and Doctrine Command,  Center of Military History, Combat Studies Institute,  National Defense University , Strategic Studies Institute. US Army's Medical Department and The Borden Institute's Textbooks of Military Medicine series, plus the U.S. Navy's Naval War College, Naval History and Heritage Command, U.S. Marine Corps University, Marine Corps History,  Air Education and Training Command, Air Force History and Museums Program,  Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office, and  National Intelligence University,


Professional Military Education  (PME) "refers to the professional training, development, and schooling of military personnel. It encompasses many schools, universities, and training programs designed to foster leadership in military service members. " (citation: Wikipedia:


Attention Value Shoppers! Shop our overstock sale focusing on military publications. Reduced prices reflect a 50% discount on all books featured in this collection. Quantities are limited, so take advantage of this special offer today. New titles may be added to this list, so be sure to check back often!

Are you looking for a military magazine or journal?  You will find an assortment of print magazines and professional journals for the military person in your life.

According to the US Army, "military law is part of military just and the administration of the Uniform Code of Military Justice."  Furthermore, the purpose of military justice, as part of military law, is to "promote justice, to asist in maintaining good order and discipline in the armed forces, to promote efficiency and effectiveness in the military establishment, and thereby to strengthn the national security of the United States."  (Citation: US Army military justice

Some popular titles available for purchase relating to this topic include:

Check out this collection of research-backed official publications about Military Logistics, Engineering & Technology.  You will find many military magazines and journals, plus resources about  defense strategic planning and national securitycyberspace, data security, innovative technologies, such as robotics, drones, and more. 

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