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Whether you’re in a library, school or college and are interested in academic subjects, answering reference questions, providing academic resources for courses and standardized tests, get the authoritative information you need – straight from the Federal Government.

eBooks from military medicine to executive training, to teaching children about diet and nutrition can be found in this collection of educational resources.

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You will find official resources about Egypt, ranging from defense policy publications,  to historical reference works, and mineral yearbooks that cover global country statistical data relating to the production of minerals, and a few resources about Islam and Arab interests. 


Some of the popular resources wtihin this collection include: 

Can Egypt Lead the Arab World Again?: Assessing Opportunities and Challenges for U.S. Policy

Maneuvering the Islamist-Secularist Divide in the Arab World: How the United States Can Preserve its Interests and Values in an Increasingly Polarized Environment

Assessing Egyptian Public Support for Security Crackdowns in the Sinai

Global Trends: Paradox of Progress

Includes directories and portraits of elected and appointed Federal Government officials, including the Congressional Directories and the Government Manual of key officials.

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