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This agency used to be called the Agency for Healthcare Policy and Research.

What type of books are you looking for related to the aging process?  The Federal Government produces a number of publications relating to elderly adults.... in this collection about "Aging", you will free eBooks relating to recommended Exercise and Physical Activity, Workout to Go, Understanding Memory Loss, Understanding Alzheimer's Disease, Diabestes and Obesity, Cancer related free eBook guides,  and more.   

Other references that may interest you in the areas of aging and elderly resources include:  Health Statistics and population guidance for people aged 55 and older, Year 2008 Income Statistics for People age 50 and older (reduced list price while supplies last), Older Americans 2010: Key Indicators of Well-Being (reduced list price while supplies last!),   What You Shyould Know About Retirement, Los Planes Medicare Advantage (Spanish Version) (package of 10), Medicare & Home Health Care, Your Guide To Choosing a Nursing Home or Other Long-Term Services & Supports, and more.

Looking for essential resources in the areas of agriculture & farming? 

In this collection, you will find publications relating to forests, agri-business, agricultural statistics, gardens and nurseries, animal health and welfare, and more. 

Ranchers, farmers, agricultural firms interested in the latest technology, plus scientists and students pursuing research in these areas may be interested in these official resources. 

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