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It is the right of every American citizen to vote for his or her elected representatives. The U.S. Government Bookstore has assembled a collection of publications about voting and the Federal election process in the United States.


This grouping of products on the topic of Warfare & Military Strategy is a good place to start to research some of the latest findings about U.S. missile defense review, historical military history and strategy reports relating to wars and conflicts.  Plus you will get details relating to military innovations, operations research, and the military experience through several military journals and military leadership resources. 

Are you researching Wars & Conflicts?    You will find an abundance of topical materials relating to military strategy, historical references, and military and defense policy documents across a broad spectrum of wars and conflicts.  We have a growing Civil War historical collection, plus American Revolutionary War materials, Spanish-American War, Cuban Missile Crisis, Cold War and DetenteWorld War I, World War II, Vietnam War, Korean War, up to and including modern day wars and conflicts, such as the Persian Gulf Wars,  Afghanistan War, Arab-Israeli Conflict, Global War on Terror, and more. 

Explore the many tourist and historic sites of our Nation's Capital and surrounding area with these tourism and recreation publications for Washington, DC, and the surrounding area of northern Virginia and Maryland.

Water, Water, Everywhere!  Are you looking for resources to manage your water supply from environmental challenges?   or to read about safe drinking water and the National Forest System in the southern United States? This collection of publications cover important information on water resources.  Book topics include water use in the United States, navigational charts, water quality, water exploring activities for kids, water management regulations, floods, dam safety, and much more.

Publications about waterways in the U.S. and worldwide of all sorts, including Oceans, Lakes, Rivers & Streams

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