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In this collection of Government Directories & Organizations, you will find some volumes of the United States Code (USC) Title 5, Government Organizations and Employees, Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance 2018 and 2017 editions, updated editions of the Official Congressional Directory, U.S. Senate Telephone Directory, U.S. House of Representatives Telephone Directory, select editions of the Congressional Pictorial Directory, the U.S. Government Publishing Office Style Manual, select editions of the Plum book and more. 

Browse our collection of forms and directories. Our official government directories are a prime source for comprehensive and authoritative information on the activities, functions, organization, and principal officials of agencies of the Legislative, Judicial and Executive Branch of the U.S. Government.

Are you enrolled in Modern World History classes that may discuss the topic of government reform around the world?  This collection of official resources presents a grouping of products that deals with the topic of governnent reform in countries around the world.  You will find official books published by defense entitites that are involved with civil-military relations with foreign governments, along with rebuilding and restructuring efforts within governments 

Some popular titles include:

Strengthening Statehood Capabilities for Successful Transitions in the Middle East/North Africa Region

Sourcebook of United States Executive Agencies

Chinese Military Reforms in the Age of Xi Jinping: Drivers, Challenges, and Implications

China's Strategic Support Force: A Force for a New Era

Russian Challenges From Now Into The Next Generation: A Geostrategic Primer





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