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Are you searching for a new home or considering remodeling your existing home? We have publications for you that provide guidance to you if you’re in the market for purchasing a new home or just want to remodel your existing home, publications in this collection, offer much needed advice and consumer information from home financing to repair and painting to planting your very own trees and shrubs. 

If you are a parent, you will also find guidance for breastfeeding, baby safe sleep, child immunizations, pregnancy & childbirth, children's developmental stages, tips for healthy eating in both English and Spanish, food safety, and more. 

Browse our eBooks focusing on consumer and family information from financing your child's education, to nutrition and excercise to caring for loved ones.

By definition, states the term, "counterinsurgency" is a program or act of combatting guerilla warfare and subversion  (citation:  This grouping of products contains official defense & national security policy and military strategy documents to include cybsersecurity, biological warfare, reconstruction efforts, American foreign policy & peace-building negotiations, and more. 

Discover the wide array of official publications  to include topical areas of homeland security,  military readiness, combatting terrorism from actors, such as ISIS/ISIL, or Al-Qaeda, and U.S. military policies that were shaped after America's 9/11 historical terrorism tragedy.  

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