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The Bureau of the Fiscal Service (BFS) is an agency of the United States Department of the Treasury which replaced the Bureau of the Public Debt (BPD) and the Financial Management Service (FMS) effective October 7, 2012. BFS manages the government's accounting, central payment systems, and public debt, including Savings Bonds.

From industries like Import/Export, Small Business and Construction to topics about investing, jobs and employment, labor relations, taxes and accounting, our Business & Finance publications are useful for small businesses to large corporations and everyone in between.

Of particular interest are our sections on International Trade that includes our exporting guides, the Harmonized Tariff Schedule print subscription, and the Taxes, Auditing & Accounting section with the latest IRS bulletins and government auditing standards, as well as Government forms needed for business and the latest business-related laws and regulations including patents, copyrights and worker's compensation.

Looking for information on the hottest careers? Try the Occupational Outlook Handbook and periodical in our Jobs & Employment section. Want to do business with the Federal Government, or do you work in Federal Acquisitions and need to know the latest Federal Acquisitions Regulations and procedures? Check out our Doing Business with the Federal Government category.

Attn: Business professionals -- Are you looking for resources to help you during your work day?   

Our collection of Business Communications & Publishing resources may help you with your day-to-day workload in these areas to name a few: 

Working with international freight forwarders and need specific nomenclature of your products and services to export? Check out the updated annual print subscription for the Harmonized Tariff Schedules of the United States Annotated for Statistical Reporting Purposes 31st Edition 2019 to keep as a desk reference.

Do you commute to work each day?  You may want to check out Smartphone Applications to Influence Travel Choices: Practices and Policies produced by the Department of Transportation.

Are you considering working with your legal team to regiseter for a patent?  General Information Concerning Patents 2015 will be a handy reference in your discussions and strategic planning.

In this digital age, are you concerned about your product trademarks used by another entity without permission?  Protecting Your Trademark: Enhancing Your Rights Through Federal Registration, Basic Facts About Trademarks may be a helpful guide to you.

Are you an editor, marketing professional, business professional responsible for writing reports, or advertising agency executive?  You need to be aware of copyrighted texts, online usage, ideas and concepts from other writers and authors.  Copyright Law of the United States and Related Laws Contained in Title 17 of the United States Code should be on part of a business executive's personal library to make sure that your company's materials are not violating any copyright laws. 



These official resources include topics related to Business Law that may appeal to corporate and nonprofit executives, and other professionals, including attorneys, banking professionals, and others that may be involved in regulatory compliance, and contract best practices, such as acquisitions (purchasing), auditing, management policies, OSHA, labor relations, trademarks, copyright law, personnel management, and more. 

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