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Find reference materials about the railroads and trains ...collection includes resources for research with updated regulations, transit statistics, as well as historical signficance of the railroad industry

In this GPO collection that includes official publications from various Federal Government Departments and agencies, you will find numerous resources for the home owner.

Popular products include the most recent 2019 Healthy Homes calendar that provides month-to-month maintenance reminders, tips, and repairs for your home through the seasons.

Additionally, some homeowners may be interested in Lead Paint Safety: A Field Guide for Interim Controls in Painting and Home MaintenanceCoastal Construction Manual: Principles and Practices of Planning, Siting, Designing, Constructing, and Maintaining Residential Buildings in Coastal Areas Volume 1 and 2, and  Taking Shelter From the Storm: Building a Safe Room for Your Home or Small Business; Includes Construction Plans (CD)

Realtors, bankers, settlement companies, and libraries may be interested in purchasing CFPB's Home Loan Toolkit: Step-by-Step Guide  For your Spanish speaking patrons, check out  these publications from CFPB Guia Para el Consumidor Sobre Hipotecas a Tasa Adjustable (ARM) and Lineas de Credito con Garanta Hipotecaria

In unexpected emergencies or weather disasters, you may be interested in this Emergency Financial First Aid Kit, (EFFAK): Strengthen Your Financial Preparedness for Disasters and Emergencies  

Are you renting?  Check out this guide relating to rental housing discrimination for people with mental disabilities from the Deparment of Housing and Urban Development

Reconstruction has been around within the United States since the Civil War (1800s era). (citation: URL


Our collection showcases historical reference documents about reconstruction from the Civil War era but also includes post- Cold War, Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Afghan War, and Iraq /GlobalWar on Terror time periods. 


Researchers, historians, internaitonal relations scholars, and political scientists may find this grouping of resources also beneficial as they reflect on military operations, rebuilding, and peace efforts to assist with foreign government's reform efforts.


What is the balance between Government and Religioon?  This collection contains resources about religious freedom, religious history, faith based issues. and violent incidents that have taken place within houses of worship.

Some popular titles within this collection include: 

Women and Religious Freedom:Synergies and Opportunities

A Study of Active Shooter Incidents in the United States Between 2000 and 2013

Aspects of Leadership: Ethics, Law, and Spirituality --reduced list price while supplies last!

Preserving a Critical National Asset: America's Disadvantaged Students and the Crisis in Faith-Based Urban Schools --reduced list price while supplies last!

Whether you are a builder, homeowner, realtor, planner, historic preservationist, city or county planning,  or otherwise involved in the construction industry, housing and development, or renovating or restoring properties and areas recovering from floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes or other natural disasters, you will value this collection of publications with the latest codes, best practices and advice.

Are you looking for resources about retirement and end of career decisions?  This official collection of Government resources will provide you with information about retirement, such as specific Federal employee retirement guidance within the CSRS program or FERS program.   If you are in commercial industry or a business professional, and considering retirement, these other resources, such as What You Need to Know About Retirement  and its' Spanish companion, Lo Que Usted Debe Saber Sobre Su Plan de Jubilacion may be able to provide you with guidance about your end-of-career decision. 

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