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The official publications within this collection include "Controlled Items" that we define as specific collections that require pre-approval from the producing agency.  Many of these "controlled items" have specific requirements within the online record for secure ordering specific product titles.   Majority of our "controlled items" are published by the Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office/CTTSO (Formerly the Technical Support Working Group/TSWG) within the U.S. Department of Defense. 


A broad array of publications are available to assist with training of police officers, first responders, emergency response team personnel, safety inspectors, customs and border agents, including America's Coast Guard, port inspectors, and more.  Some of the multimedia packages include training software packages, such as the  WinDAS Window Design and Analysis Software, Version 2.5 HAZL Window Fragment Hazard Level Analysis, Version 1.1, August 2001 (CD-ROM) (Controlled/Restricted Item)Intermodal Supply Chain Security Training Support Package Instructor Guide (TSWG Controlled Item), numerous guides, and field reference cards  provided in a variety of situations used for safety, military readiness, emergency response team training and terrorism related prevention incidents.

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Military Advisors in Korea: KMAG in Peace and War (Paperback)
Military Advisors in Korea: KMAG in Peace and War (Paperback)

Military Advisors in Korea: KMAG in Peace and War (Paperback)

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