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In GPO's collection about Vietnam, you will find a large number of military history products about the Vietnam War.  

There are numerous historical accounts in reference publications produced by the U.S. Navy about this topic including Naval Air War: The Rolling Thunder Campaign, this historical book produced by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and several official primary source historical print volumes ranging from 1964-1976 about foreign policy with Vietnam from the renowned Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS) series. 

This official collection features resources about the Vietnam War.  A special collection about the Vietnam War is presented in both print books and eBook formats by the Naval History and Heritage Command, plus you will also find other narrative monographs and commemorative resources published by the US Department of Army Center of Military History, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and more.  The Vietnam War involved American soldiers receiving commands from the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential administration through the drawdown of 1970-1971 under Richard M. Nixon Presidential administration.  

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