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The bound volumes of the United States Reports contain the fourth and final generation of the Supreme Court's opinions.

Caution: Only the printed bound volumes of the United States Reports contain the final, official opinions of the Supreme Court of the United States. In case of discrepancies between a bound volume and any other version of the same materials, whether print or electronic, official or unofficial--the printed bound volume controls in a court of law.

Are you looking for information about the United States Statutes at Large?  

In this official collection, you will find several published bound volumes of the United States Statutes at Large.  These volumes contain the evidenec of law enacted by the specific session of the U.S. Congress.  Included are full-text of public laws, plus congressional resolutions, and presidential proclamations within each Congressional session stated.   Each volume also contains a broad array of topics as it applies to the specific Congressional member terms and official legislation.  These volumes serve as official legal references of the U.S. Congress.


Explore these Government publications highlighting U.S. and military history. Military topics cover major wars and battles, as well as the history on all branches of the military. For anyone interested in America’s history, key publications cover information on American democracy, presidents, presidential elections, and other important topics.

Are you a business professional, corporate executive, or economist trying to stay on top of the U.S. economy and economic conditions?  Some of our popular annual resources, such as the Agricultural Statistics print volumes, or the Mineral Commodities Summaries annual editions, Budget  & Economic Outlook reports, and Economic Indicators print subscription may help you to stay on top of these trends.  Our collection also has many previous year editions for you to study for comparisons for outlooks in demand growth or stagnation.  To keep yourself current wtih these official publications, sign up for standing orders of your favorite annual editions, so you will receive the new editions as it becomes available! 

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