Standing Orders

Our Standing Order Service is a great way to guarantee automatic shipment of many of our most popular recurring and series publications. This continuity program from the U.S. Government Bookstore acts like an indefinite subscription and is offered as a convenience to our customers worldwide.

It both ensures your favorite publications such as individual Code of Federal Regulations titles are shipped automatically as soon as as a new edition comes out as well as avoiding interruption of your series or possible sell outs of a particular issue or volume before you can come back to order it -- something that can occur without having this service set up in advance, particularly with publications that are issued irregularly, even years apart.

How does it work?

Once you sign up for Standing Order Service on a particular publication (see below), you will receive each new edition automatically as soon as it is published, and your payment method that is on file with us will be charged. If your delivery address or payment method changes, you need to contact us to update it. You can cancel at any time by just contacting us.

How can you sign up?

To set up a Standing Order for any of our eligible recurring publications, contact us at the U.S. Government Publishing Office Customer Contact Center:

  • BY PHONE: US and Canada call toll-free 1.866.512.1800. DC or International customers call +1.202.512.1800.
  • Payment methods that may be used for Standing Order Service include:
  • Major Credit Cards: We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover/NOVUS.
  • SuDocs Deposit Account: Set up a GPO Superintendent of Documents Deposit Account.

For which publications is Standing Order Service available?

Click here to view or print a list of the recurring or series publications that may interest you, then contact us to set up your Standing Order Service. Note: List Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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