Worst Case Housing Needs: 2017 Report to Congress

Worst Case Housing Needs: 2017 Report to Congress
Worst Case Housing Needs: 2017 Report to Congress
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The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is pleased to transmit to the U.S. Congress this 2017 report on Worst Case Housing Needs. This report—the 16th in a longstanding series—provides national data and analysis of the critical problems facing low-income renting families.  The American Housing Survey (AHS) is a key source of national data on housing markets, conditions, and dynamics. These data show that, although 43.2 percent of very lowincome renters had worst case needs nationally, local markets reflect a substantial degree of variation beyond the longstanding trends observed across regions and types of metropolitan locations. 

Table of Contents

 Executive Summary ix Section 1. Extent and Nature of Worst Case Needs 1

Extent of Worst Case Needs in 2015 1

Inadequate Housing and Inadequate Income 3

Prevalence of Worst Case Needs by Income 4

Increase in Worst Case Needs 4

Demographics of Worst Case Needs 4

Worst Case Needs by Race and Ethnicity 5

Worst Case Needs by Household Type 5

Summary 7

Section 2. Shortage of Affordable Housing 9

Geography of Worst Case Needs 9

Worst Case Needs and Housing Assistance by Region and Metropolitan Location 10

Variation in Worst Case Needs Across Local Markets 11

Factors Limiting Access to Affordable Rental Housing 13

How the Market Allocates Affordable Housing on a National Basis 13

Affordability, Availability, and Adequacy of the National Rental Stock 14

Rental Stock by Income 15

Geography of Supply 16

Rental Stock by Region 16

Summary 17

Section 3

Understanding the Trend in Worst Case Needs 19

Changes in Affordable Housing Demand 19

Affordable Housing Supply and Demand 21

Concluding Summary 23

Appendix A. Detailed Data on Housing Problems and Supply of Affordable Housing 25

Appendix B. Supplemental Exhibits65

Appendix C. Federal Housing Assistance and Affordable Housing Programs 67

Appendix D. Previous Reports to Congress on Worst Case Needs 69

Appendix E. Data and Methodology  71

Literature Cited 77

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