Water Measurement Manual: A Guide to Effective Water Measurement Practices for Better Water Management

Water Measurement Manual: A Guide to Effective Water Measurement Practices for Better Water Management
Water Measurement Manual: A Guide to Effective Water Measurement Practices for Better Water Management
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One key to better management practices, including water conservation, is reliable and accurate water measurement. The term "water measurement" as used in this manual refers to the measurement of flow (unit volume per unit time). Major advances in measurement technology along with a continued demand for the Water Measurement Manual are responsible for initiating this revision.

New chapters and sections were added to make the third edition more current technologically and more useful to other government organizations. The new chapters added are:

    Basic Concepts Related to Flowing Water and Measurement
    Selection of Water Measuring Devices
    Measurement Accuracy
    Inspection of Water Measurement Systems
    Acoustic Flow Measurement
    Discharge Measurement Using Tracers

Russ Dodge was the primary author/editor for the revisions in this third edition. Reclamation especially appreciates the efforts of John Replogle and Albert Clemmens (from the U.S. Water Conservation Laboratory) of the Agricultural Research Service for writing major portions of chapters or separate sections relating to selection of devices, long-throated flumes, overshot weirs, and other devices, as well as for reviewing revisions of the entire manual.

Reclamation is also indebted to the U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Service, formerly the Soil Conservation Service, for contribution of material and reviews by Leland Hardy and Thomas Spofford. In addition to personnel from outside organizations, several Reclamation personnel contributed to revisions of new sections and chapters. Warren Frizell revised the chapter on measuring and recording water stage or head and conducted a peer review of the manual. Tracy Vermeyen wrote the chapter on acoustic flow measurements. Brent Mefford wrote much of the chapter on selection of water measurement devices. Dave Rogers wrote the section on radial gate flow measurements and the use of the RADGAT computer program.  Tony Wahl compiled the tables in appendix A. Cliff Pugh coordinated the assembly, reviews, and publication. Jerry Fitzwater assembled and modified many of the drawings and figures. Tom Hovland was the primary technical editor in charge of publication editing and organization, and Teri Manross did the desktop publishing and copy editing.  Jim Higgs created the online version of the manual.

Certain trade names appear in the manual. Mention of such names should not be construed as an endorsement or recommendation of a product by the Bureau of Reclamation, Agricultural Research Service, or Natural Resource Conservation Service.

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Agencies, companies, contractors and individuals responsible for water management may find this publication useful.

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Interior Dept., Bureau of Reclamation
Reprint of 2001 edition with a new barcode and ISBN.
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  • Guide to Effective Water Measurement Practices for Better Water Management
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