Volume 96 1st Quarter; Jfq: Joint Force Quarterly

Volume 96 1st Quarter; Jfq:  Joint Force Quarterly
Volume 96 1st Quarter; Jfq: Joint Force Quarterly
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Joint Force Quarterly is designed for national security professionals in and out of the U.S. Government to promote understanding of the integrated employment of land, sea, air, pace, and special operations forces. This journal focuses on joint doctrine, integrated operations, coalition warfare, contingency planning, military operations conducted across the spectrum of conflict, and joint force development.

The journal is published for the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, by the Institute for National Strategic Studies, National Defense University.

Quarterly periodical. Subscription price covers issues for 1 year. Single copy, $15.00; foreign single copy, $21.00. File Code 2R. JFQ.

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Table of Contents

Forum 2

Executive Summary 4

Strategic Army: Developing Trust in the Shifting Strategic Landscape 4 

Maximizing the Power of Strategic Foresight 14

Strengthening Mission Assurance Against Emerging Threats: Critical Gaps and Opportunities for Progress 322

Winners of the 2019 Essay Competitions 32 

Pakistan’s Low Yield in the Field: Diligent Deterrence or De-Escalation Debacle  34 

The Second Island Cloud: A Deeper and Broader Concept for American Presence in the Pacific Islands  46 

America First ≠ America Alone: Morocco as Exemplar for U.S. Counterterrorism Strategy 54

Why Normandy Still Matters: Seventy-Five Years On, Operation Overlord Inspires, Instructs, and Invites Us to Be Better Joint Warfighters  58

Attacking Fielded Forces: An Airman’s Perspective from Kosovo 70

Countering Threat Networks to Deter, Compete, and Win: Competition Below Armed Conflict with Revisionist Powers 78 


Development Beyond the Joint Qualification System: An Overview 86 

3D Printing for Joint Agile Operations 92  

The Chain Home Early Warning Radar System: A Case Study in Defense Innovation 100  Wolfe, Montcalm, and the Principles of Joint Operations in the Quebec Campaign of 1759 104

Book Reviews

The Lessons of Tragedy 112

 Sailing True North 113 

Subordinating Intelligence 114  

Unmasking the Spectrum with Artificial Intelligence 116 

Joint Doctrine Update 123


Members of the military, policymakers, governmental workers and contractors, defense contractors, agencies combatting terrorism, students and teachers interested in how the different branches of the military work together and with allies (particularly political science, governmental, and military studies), and military enthusiasts will enjoy this informative publication.

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