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Vol 82 #176 09-13-17; Federal Register Complete

Federal Register, V. 82, No. 176, September 13, 2017
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Each day Federal agencies publish documents in the Federal Register, including proposed rules, final rules, public notices, and Presidential actions. This publication, Federal Register Vol. 82 #176, includes 227 pages of 84 Notices, 2 Presidential Documents, 5 Proposed Rules, and 14 Rules, published on 9-13-17.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents (Summary):

Documents by Agency

Agriculture Department 4

Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection 1

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 3

Children and Families Administration 1

Civil Rights Commission 1

Coast Guard 6

Commerce Department 9

Consumer Product Safety Commission 2

Defense Department 1

Energy Department 4

Environmental Protection Agency 5

Federal Aviation Administration 6

Federal Communications Commission 4

Federal Emergency Management Agency 12

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 2

Federal Highway Administration 1

Federal Railroad Administration 2

Federal Reserve System 2

Federal Trade Commission 3

Federal Transit Administration 1

Food and Drug Administration 2

Foreign Agricultural Service 2

General Services Administration 2

Health and Human Services Department 11

Homeland Security Department 18

Housing and Urban Development Department 2

Internal Revenue Service 2

International Trade Administration 2

Labor Department 2

Management and Budget Office 1

Maritime Administration 1

National Aeronautics and Space Administration 3

National Institutes of Health 5

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 7

Nuclear Regulatory Commission 3

Occupational Safety and Health Administration 1

Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration 1

Presidential Documents 2

Railroad Retirement Board 1

Rural Housing Service 1

Securities and Exchange Commission 7

Small Business Administration 1

Social Security Administration 1

State Department 3

Transportation Department 12

Treasury Department 2


This may be of interest to Government staff and contractors, politicians, members of the departments and agencies mentioned within the document, students/teachers of U.S. government policy, legislators and lawyers, and members of the general public interested to know about different government agencies and how they are operated.

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