V.71 #3 June 2019; Citizen Airman.

V.71 #3 June 2019; Citizen Airman.
Citizen Airman, V. 71, No. 3, June 2019
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Citizen Airman, is the official magazine of the Air Force Reserve (AFR). The magazine is published on a bi-monthly basis, six times a year, and a vital part of the AFR commander's internal information program.

Key Articles in this edition feature the knowledge and commitment to Air Force Reservists of Air Force Reserve Commanders (AFRCC).

Organizational Improvement Key to Mission Readiness, Taking Care of Airmen, Richard W. Scobee Lieutenant General, USAF Chief of Air Force Reserve Commander, Air Force Reserve Command

Enlisted Force Lines of Effort Will Help Us Meet Strategic Goals, Timothy C. White Jr. Chief Master Sergeant, USAF Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chief of Air Force Reserve Command Chief Master Sergeant, Air Force Reserve Command

For more detailed content information refer to the Table of Contents.

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Table of Contents

Top 10 What every Reservist should know about AGR assignments 10

ARPC News Air Force switching to two-line promotion recommendation  11

Continuity and Expertise Reserve instructors helping train future AC-130J crews 12

Reforming the Organization What role do diversity and inclusion play? 14

Hand-picked Reserve Citizen Airmen to lead maintenance app development 16

Disaster Averted Reserve Citizen Airman helps save space station from debris 21

Direct Hire Authority AFR expands hiring authority to recruit, maintain readiness 22

Share Your Adventure Help the Reserve team grow by helping others 24

Looking Into the Future Laying the groundwork for the Air Force Reserve in 2035 25

Against All Odds Commander has come a long way from South Vietnam 26

Leveraging Civilian Talents Project engineer helps Homestead tackle entry control 28

Our Secrets Can Kill Us What you should know about adverse childhood experiences 30


A key educational resource to members of the U.S. Air Force Reserve as well as other members of the military and veterans.  In addition, this publication would appeal to military and Air Force/flight enthusiasts.

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