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V.49 #1 Jan.-feb.2017; Army Sustainment (formerly Army Logistician)

Army Sustainment (formerly Army Logistician), Volume 49, Issue 1, January-February 2017
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Army Sustainment is the Department of the Army’s official professional bulletin on sustainment. Its mission is to publish timely, authoritative information on Army and Defense sustainment plans, programs, policies, operations, procedures, and doctrine for the benefit of all sustainment personnel. Its purpose is to provide a forum for the exchange of information and expression of original, creative, innovative thought on sustainment functions.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
2 Identifying the Talent in Talent Management
The Army’s new talent management program will match Soldiers to jobs
and missions that align with their preferences, skills, and experiences.
By Gen. Gustave “Gus” Perna
4 Maximizing the Army’s Logistics Talent
The Army deputy chief of staff, G-4, shares his lessons learned about
talent management as the Army begins using a new talent management
By Lt. Gen. Aundre F. Piggee
6 Talent Management: Developing World-Class Sustainment
Talent management is paramount to maintaining Army readiness, which
can be achieved only through leader engagement at every level.
By Maj. Gen. Darrell K. Williams and Capt. Austin L. Franklin
21 New Talent Management Program Will Significantly Change the Army:
An Interview with Lt. Gen. James McConville
The Army deputy chief of staff, G-1, explains a new program that the
Army will use to identify, define, and manage the talents of Soldiers
across the active and reserve components, fundamentally changing the
way the Army operates.
By Arpi Dilanian and Taiwo Akiwowo
11 Advise and Assist Logistics: In Search of Wisdom
By Christopher R. Paparone, Ph.D., and George L. Topic Jr.
12 The Effects of the Army 2020 Bulk Fuel Design on Decisive Action
By Maj. Paul W. Smith
16 Putting Movement Control Back Into Movement and Maneuver
By Stacey L. Lee
24 Talent Management: Right Officer, Right Place, Right Time
By Lt. Col. Kent M. MacGregor and Maj. Charles L. Montgomery
30 A Multidimensional Approach to Leader and Organizational
By Brig. Gen. Christopher J. Sharpsten
34 Joint Special Operations Forces Logistics Talent Management
By Col. Steven L. Allen and Lt. Col. Dan Heape
38 Improving Readiness by Developing Leaders and Using Their Talents
By Frank Wenzel
42 Operational Talent Management: The Perfect Combination of Art
and Science
By 1st Lt. Shelby L. Phillips
45 A Talent Management Program for NCOs
By Command Sgt. Maj. Jacinto Garza
48 Retired Gen. Johnnie Wilson Discusses Talent Management
By Arpi Dilanian and Taiwo Akiwowo
52 Joint Logistics and the Future of Global Conflict
By Lt. Col. Douglas R. Burke and 1st Lt. Matthew A. Gaumer
57 Applying Mission Command to Overcome Challenges
By Col. Douglas M. McBride Jr. and Reginald L. Snell, Ph.D.
61 Building Logistics Readiness and Alliances
By 1st Lt. Evan T. Kowalski
64 Setting Conditions to Achieve Effects for Sustainment Operations
By Maj. Peter C. Bakke
68 Managing the Health of the Force: A Primer for Company Leaders
By Capt. Robert Klein, Capt. Josi Hall, and Capt. William Greenwood


Target audience are members of the Army, Army contractors, and Department of Defense staff interested in timely, authoritative information on Army and Department of Defense sustainment plans, programs, policies, operations, procedures, and doctrine for the benefit of all Army personnel.  In addition, military historians and members of the general public interested in current Army news and information will find this a fascinating read.

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