U.S. Army Campaigns of the Vietnam War: The Drawdown 1970-1971

U.S. Army Campaigns of the Vietnam War: The Drawdown 1970-1971
The Drawdown 1970-1971
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In the 1950s, there was strife between Communist controlled North Vietnam and South Vietnamese democracy government.  In the mid-to late 1960s, President Lyndon B. Johnson decided to send combat U.S. Army troops to South Vietnam in efforts to end this conflict of North Vietnam trying to overthrow South Vietnam to expand Communism.  America’s involvement with military force was to deter the expansion of Communism around the world.  While America was supporting the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam), China and Russia were supporting the North Vietnam position with monies to continue Communism ideology.

This text primarily covers the drawdown of American troops in 1970-1971 under the 37th President of the United States, Richard Nixon. This war was multi-faceted because it took the lives of many American soldiers, plus it had political and economic consequences. 

Illustrated with maps and photos, you will read about the major battles of the Vietnam conflict to include:

  • The Cambodian Incursion
  • The War in South Vietnam, 1970
  • Crossing the Border Again: Cambodia, 1971
  • Laos—Lam Son 719
  • Fighting Withdrawal: The War After Lam Son 719

You will also read about the innovative weapons that the Americans used during these battles, including 15,000-pound bombs, referred to as “Daisy Cutter”, launched from helicopters, plus small arms, grenades, rockets, and more were used as part of the combat tactics to provide you with some background of this conflict.  The drawdown began in 1970 through 1971.   


US Department of Defense military strategists, analysts, and operational planners may be interested in this historical narrative.   Active duty, Vietnam War veterans and their families may also find this monograph engaging during a time when America continued to fight against Communistic control around the world. Historians, especially military historians, professors of World Politics and Policy, and International Political Thought may be interested in this resource.  Students pursuing courses in these areas and military science may want a copy of this text for supplemental reading or as a reference for research papers.

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