United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission Information Digest 2012-2013 (ePub eBook)

United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission Information Digest 2012-2013 (ePub eBook)
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The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) 2012–2013 Information Digest provides a summary of information about the NRC and the industries it regulates. It describes the agency’s regulatory responsibilities and licensing activities, and provides general information on nuclear-related topics. It is updated annually.

The Information Digest includes NRC and industry data in a quick-reference format for activities through 2011 or most recent current data available at manuscript completion. InfoGraphics have been incorporated to help provide a visual representation of information expanding the agency’s efforts to be more transparent and broaden its public outreach. The Web Link Index provides Web addresses for more information on major topics. The Digest also includes a tear-out reference sheet the NRC Facts at a Glance.

The NRC reviewed information from industry and international sources but did not perform an independent verification. This edition contains adjustments to preliminary figures from the previous year. All information is final unless otherwise noted.  The NRC is the source for all photographs, graphics, and tables unless otherwise noted.


This contains valuable information for nuclear plant faciltity employees and others handling the license, posession, use, and handling of importing and explorting nuclear materials.

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U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
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