United States Army in World War 2, The Technical Services, The Ordnance Department, On Beachhead and Battlefront

United States Army in World War 2, The Technical Services, The Ordnance Department, On Beachhead and Battlefront
United States Army in World War II, The Technical Services, The Ordnance Department, On Beachhead and Battlefront
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For the fighting man in time of war, the crucible that proves or disproves his training and his theories is combat with the enemy. So it is too with those whose milieu is not the drill field but the drawing board, not the staff college but the proving ground, those who design, develop, and maintain the weapons, munitions, and vehicles of war. The crucible for the Ordnance Department, like the individual fighting man, is the battlefield.

In previous volumes in the Ordnance Department subseries of The Technical Services in the series UNITED STATES ARMY IN WORLD WAR II, historians have told the preliminary stories, the complex, often frustrating saga of planning munitions for war and of procuring and getting them to the troops who use them. This, the third and final volume in the subseries, tells the climax of the Ordnance role in World War II, the story of how the vast armory and its administrators fared in combat.

In presenting this story of Ordnance in the overseas theaters, the author, Lida Mayo, has concentrated logically on Ordnance at the level of the army headquarters, for from this level munitions and fighting equipment flowed directly to the user. While giving some attention to all theaters involved in the global story of Ordnance administration, she has concentrated on the three main theaters as representative of the problems, the improvisations, the shortcomings, the achievements worldwide. From the dispatch of the first American observers to embattled Britain in 1941 to the last gunshots on Pacific islands in 1945, it is an exciting story as befits the vital contribution of the tools of war to success or failure in battle.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents (Summary)

I. The Military Missions 3
II. Middle East Kaleidoscope 17
III. Early Arrivals in Australia 34
IV. The Base in Australia 44
V. Supporting the Papua Campaign 65
VI. The Base in the British Isles 88
VII. Oran and the Provisional Ordnance Group 109
VIII. With II Corps in Tunisia 128
IX. The Short Campaign in Sicily 152
X. Salerno and the Growth of the Fifth Army Ordnance Service 172
XI. Anzio and Artillery 191
XII. Rome and “The Forgotten Mount” 209
XIII. Arming for the Grand Campaign 219
XIV. The Far Shore in Normandy 240
XV. The Race Across France 262
XVI. At the Siegfried Line in Belgium 294
XVII. Lessons of the Roer and the Ardennes 318
XVIII. Victory in Germany 339
XIX. From Papua to Morotai 353
XX. The Philippines: Leyte 387
XXI. The Philippines: Luzon 407
XXII. The Philippines: The Southern Islands 429
XXIII. Boldly Aiming at Okinawa 443
XXIV. Crescendo on Okinawa 456
XXV. The Guns Fall Silent 475
Bibliographical Note 481
Glossary 483
Code Names 489
Basic Military Map Symbols 492
Index 499


Students, professors, historians, and members of the military will find this a comprehensive look at ordnance and weapons used at different foreign locations and with different rates of success and failure during WWII by the United States. A must-have for anyone with an interest in historical war strategies, especially the creation and use of different types of weaponry.

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