Textbooks of Military Medicine: Military Preventive Medicine, Mobilization and Deployment, V. l

Textbooks of Military Medicine: Military Preventive Medicine, Mobilization and Deployment, V. l
Textbooks of Military Medicine: Military Preventive Medicine, Mobilization and Deployment, V. l
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Explores the various natural and manmade challenges faced by today's soldier upon mobilization and deployment.  Offers comprehensive research on a range of topics related to preventive medicine, including a historic perspective on the principles of military medicine, national mobilization and training, preparation for deployment, occupational and environmental issues during sustainment.

Table of Contents

Foreword by The Surgeon General 


SECTION 1: A Historic Perspective on the Principles of Military Preventive Medicine 

1. Preventive Medicine and Command Authority—Leviticus to Schwarzkopf

2. The Historical Impact of Preventive Medicine in War 

3. The Historic Role of Military Preventive Medicine and Public Health in US Armies of Occupation and Military Government 

4. Preventive Medicine in Military Operations Other Than War

5. Conserving the Fighting Strength: Milestones of Operational Military Preventive Medicine Research 

SECTION 2: National Mobilization and Training 

6. The Reserve Components: Medical and Related Issues of Mobilization 

7. Evolution of Military Recruit Accession Standards 

8. The Basic Training Environment 

9. Communicable Disease Control in Basic Training: Programmatic Aspects 

10. Musculoskeletal Injuries in the Military Training Environment 

SECTION 3: Preparing for Deployment 

11. Medical Threat Assessment 

12. Preventive Medicine Considerations in Planning Multiservice and Multinational Operations 

13. Preventive Medicine and the Operation Plan 

14. Medical Preparation for Deployment 

SECTION 4: Occupational and Environmental Issues During Sustainment 

15. Jet Lag and Sleep Deprivation 

16. Combat Stress Control and Force Health Protection 

17. Nutritional Considerations for Military Deployment 

18. Health Care for Women in Mobilization and Deployment 

19. Environmental Medicine: Heat, Cold, and Altitude 

20. Environmental Health 

21. Arthropods of Military Importance 

22. Personal Protection Measures Against Arthropods 

23. Deployment Injuries 

24. Selected Topics in Deployment Occupational Medicine 

25. Aviation Medicine 561 x 26. Military Diving Medicine 

27. Chemical Warfare Agents 

28. Biological Warfare Defense 

29. Medical Response to Injury From Ionizing Radiation 

30. The Role of Veterinary Public Health and Preventive Medicine During Mobilization and Deployment 

Abbreviations and Acronyms 



This volume was prepared for military medical educational use.  The focus of the information is to foster discussion that may form the basis of doctrine and policy.  It would be beneficial to all military medical personnel. Students preparing for ROTC-related education and assignments, as well as enlisted U.S. military service members, including Reserve forces may be interested in this authoritative text for military deployments and preparation methods for preventive medicine while in distant locations.

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