Talking About Naval History: A Collection of Essays

Talking About Naval History: A Collection of Essays
Talking About Naval History: A Collection of Essays
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Talking about Naval History is the 19th book in the Historical Monograph series and marks the more than twenty-five years that Professor Hattendorf has occupied the Naval War College's prestigious Ernest J. King Chair of Maritime History. The twenty essays, selected from his recent work, range widely across five hundred years of history and deal with four major themes: maritime history as a field of academic and professional study, European naval history in the classic age of sail, American naval history, and naval theory.


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Table of Contents

Part 1: The Field of Maritime History
I. The Uses of Maritime History In and For the Navy
II. Our Naval Heritage Is in Danger
III. Maritime History, the History of Nautical Science, and the Oxford Encyclopedia of Maritime History
IV. The Horizons of Maritime History
Part 2: General Naval History
V. Navies, Strategy, and Tactics in the Age of De Ruyter
VI. “To Aid and Assist the Other”: Anglo-Dutch Naval Cooperation in Coalition Warfare at Sea, 1689–1714
VII. The Caird Lecture, 2000: The Anglo-French Naval Wars (1689–1815) in Twentieth-Century Naval Thought
VIII. Nelson’s Legacy: A Hero among the World’s Navies
IX. Strategy, Tactics, and Leadership: The Legacy of Trafalgar in Professional Naval Thought around the World
X. Whither with Nelson and Trafalgar? A Review Article on the Bicentenary Scholarship of the Nelson Era
XI. The James Ford Bell lecture, 2008: Fact in Fiction about Life at Sea in the 18th Century—Understanding the Naval Novel and the World of Aubrey and Maturin
Part 3: American Naval History
XII. The Formation and Roles of the Continental Navy, 1775–1785 
XIII. The Expédition Particulière of 1780–1871 as a Joint and Combined Operation
XIV. Sea versus Shore: Amphibious Warfare, Theory, and the War of 1812
XV. The U.S. Navy’s Nineteenth-Century Forward Stations
XVI. “In a Far More Thorough Manner”: The Professionalization of the U.S. Navy at the Dawn of the 20th Century
XVII. American Naval Bases in Europe
XVIII. The Past as Prologue: The Changing Roles of Sea Power during the 20th Century 
Part 4: Naval Theory and History 
XIX. Rear Admiral Henry E. Eccles and the “Lessons of Suez,” 1956–1968
XX. Globalisation and Navies: Some Considerations for Naval Theory
Appendix. Bibliography of Books and Articles by John B. Hattendorf, 1960–2010
About the Author


This collection of naval history essays will appeal to historians, students, and others interested in naval and maritime history.


NAVAL HISTORICAL FOUNDATION, Article: BOOK REVIEW: Talking About Naval History - A Collection of Essays by Corbin Williamson, September 13, 2012 

"This collection of essays illustrates the range and depth of Hattendorf’s work in naval history. Several themes run through the work. Hattendorf clearly holds that naval history is best understood when considered in the broader context of maritime history. The author also works to highlight the utility of historical study to contemporary naval officers while resisting efforts to draw definitive “all times-all places” conclusions about war at sea."

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