T 26 Pts (600-end) Cover Only; Code Of Federal Regulations(2022)

T 26 Pts (600-end) Cover Only; Code Of Federal Regulations(2022)
Code of Federal Regulations, Title 26, Internal Revenue, Pt 600-END, Revised as of April 1, 2022 (Cover Only)
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26 CFR, T 26 Pts (600-end) Cover Only, includes rules, regulations, procedures and administrative procedures associated with Title 26 Internal Revenue.

Table of Contents

Subchapter H Internal Revenue Practice 600 – 899

Part 600 [Reserved]

Part 601 Statement of Procedural Rules 601.101 – 601.901

Part 602O MB Control Numbers Under the Paperwork Reduction Act 602.101

§ 602.101O MB Control numbers.

Part 701 Presidential Election Campaign Fund 701.9006-1

§ 701.9006-1 Presidential Election Campaign Fund.

Part 702 Presidential Primary Matching Payment Account 702.9037-1 – 702.9037-2

§ 702.9037-1 Transfer of amounts to the Presidential Primary Matching Payment Account.

§ 702.9037-2  Payments from the Presidential Primary Matching Payment Account.

Parts 703-800 [Reserved]

Part 801 Balanced System for Measuring Organizational and Employee Performance Within the Internal Revenue Service 801.1 – 801.8

§ 801.1 Balanced performance measurement system; in general.

§ 801.2 Measuring organizational performance.

§ 801.3 Measuring employee performance.

§ 801.4 Customer satisfaction measures.

§ 801.5 Employee satisfaction measures.

§ 801.6 Business results measures.

§ 801.7 Examples.

§ 801.8 Effective/applicability dates.

Parts 802-899 [Reserved]


Lawyers, law librarians and law students should be familiar with the Code of Federal Regulations. Law libraries and some academic libraries should have a copy of this publication for their patrons. 

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