Substance Abuse Treatment for Persons With HIV/AIDS

Substance Abuse Treatment for Persons With HIV/AIDS
Substance Abuse Treatment for Persons With HIV/AIDS
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This TIP, Substance Abuse Treatment for Persons With HIV/AIDS, is a revision of TIP 15, Treatment for HIV-Infected Alcohol and Other Drug Abusers (CSAT, 1995b). Treatment Improvement Protocol 37.

Chapter 1 provides a basic overview of HIV/AIDS, including the latest available epidemiological data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Chapter 2 discusses medical assessment and treatment of HIV/AIDS. Chapter 3 discusses the treatment of mental health disorders in substance abusers with HIV/AIDS. Chapter 4 explains HIV/AIDS prevention, and Chapter 5 provides information about how to integrate treatment services via collaboration, so that all the needs of HIV-infected clients with substance abuse disorders can be met. Chapter 6 discusses case management and how to access the services that clients need. Chapter 7 provides information about counseling clients with HIV/AIDS and substance abuse disorders, including information on staff issues, screening, and cultural competency. Chapter 8 discusses ethical issues, and Chapter 9 presents legal issues, including confidentiality and clients' access to services and programs. Chapter 10 provides information about funding sources for programs treating clients with HIV/AIDS and substance abuse treatment. The appendixes in this TIP provide additional information on several topics and include the 1993 Revised Classification System for HIV and AIDS, Federal and State codes of ethics, AIDS-related websites, and a list of State and Territorial health agencies and AIDS hotlines.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

What Is a TIP?

Editorial Advisory Board

Consensus Panel


Executive Summary and Recommendations

Chapter 1-- Introduction to HIV/AIDS

Overview of HIV/AIDS

Changes in the Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS Since 1995

Chapter 2—Medical Assessment and Treatment

Adherence to Medical Care

Barriers to Care for HIV-Infected Substance Abuse Disorder Clients

Models of Integrated Care

Medical StandardsOf Care

Pharmacologic Aspects

Prophylaxis Against Opportunistic Infections

Chapter 3—Mental Health Treatment

Linkages With Mental Health Services

Common Mental Disorders in HIV-Infected Clients

Assessment and Diagnosis

Pharmacologic Treatment For Psychiatric Disorders

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disorder Counseling

Chapter 4—Primary and Secondary HIV Prevention

HIV/AIDS Risk Assessment

Risk-Reduction Counseling

Infection Control Issues For Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Chapter 5—Integrating Treatment Services

HIV/AIDS Services in Substance Abuse Treatment

Issues of Integrated Care

Examples of Integrated Treatment

Chapter 6—Accessing and Obtaining Needed Services

The Use of Case Management To Coordinate Care

Resources for HIV-Infected Substance Abusers

Finding and Funding Services

Income and Other Financial Concerns

Hospice Programs

Suggestions on Finding Resources

Chapter 7—Counseling Clients With HIV And Substance Abuse Disorders

Staff Training, Attitudes, And Issues


HIV/AIDS-Specific Substance Abuse Counseling Issues

Case Studies

Chapter 8—Ethical Issues

Ethical Issues for Treatment Providers

Basic Ethical Principles

Ethical Issues in Working With HIV-Infected Substance Abusers

A Step-by-Step Model for Making Ethical Decisions

Additional Resources for Ethical Problemsolving

Chapter 9—Legal Issues

Access to Treatment--Issues of Discrimination

Confidentiality of Information About Clients


End Notes

Chapter 10—Funding and Policy Considerations

Keys to Successful Grantseeking

How To Identify Potential Funding Sources

State and Federal Policy Shifts

Federal Initiatives

State and Local Initiatives

Special Populations

Grantwriting Information

Strategies To Ensure Ongoing Funding

Appendix A -- Bibliography

Appendix B—Glossary

Appendix C—1993 Revised Classification System For HIV Infection and Expanded AIDS Surveillance Case Definition For Adolescents and Adults

Appendix D --Screening Instruments

Appendix E—Sample Codes of Ethics

Appendix F—AIDS-Related Web Sites

Appendix G—State and Territorial Health Agencies/Offices of AIDS

Appendix H—Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE)

Appendix I—Standards of Care: Client Assessment/Treatment Protocol

Appendix J -- Resource Panel

Appendix K—Field Reviewers


This publication is intended to help a wide range of providers become familiar with the various issues surrounding clients with both substance abuse and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and to foster a better understanding of the roles of other providers.

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