Strengthening Statehood Capabilities for Successful Transitions in the Middle East/North Africa Region

Strengthening Statehood Capabilities for Successful Transitions in the Middle East/North Africa Region
Strengthening Statehood Capabilities for Successful Transitions in the Middle East/North Africa Region
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 In this monograph, Dr. Mohammed El-Katiri focuses on the variety of challenges that face reform attempts in the post-revolution Arab countries. He examines underlying factors that have prevented new political elites and post-revolution institutions from successfully implementing essential reforms. He explains how these failures have affected the building of these countries' political legitimacy. Dr. El-Katiri concludes with a series of specific policy recommendations, with the aim of preventing further deterioration to the detriment of U.S. interests.

About the Author:

MOHAMMED EL-KATIRI is a Director of MENA Insight, a political risk consultancy that focuses on the Middle East and North Africa, and a Senior Research Analyst at the United Kingdom’s (UK) Conflict Studies Research Centre (CSRC). Before joining CSRC, Dr.
El-Katiri was a Research Fellow at the UK Defence Academy, and later served as a Political Risk Analyst at Eurasia Group and as a Senior Researcher at the Hague Institute for Global Justice. With more than 10 years of regional experience, Dr. El-Katiri focuses his research interests on political and economic security in North Africa and the Gulf Cooperation Council
(GCC) states, as well as on North African relations with the European Union and security policies around the Mediterranean. Dr. El-Katiri has published numerous internal and external UK Defence Academy reports, including reference papers on national and regional security issues in the GCC and the Mediterranean region, and a monograph on the Algerian national oil and gas company, Sonatrach. In addition, his publications include commentaries and research
papers in a range of languages for research organizations in the UK and Europe, as well as various newspaper articles in and about the region. Dr. El-Katiri is a frequent media commentator, including for the British Broadcasting Company, the Financial Times, and Al-Jazeera.

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Political scientists, economists, Government reform groups, military personnel, corporations, nonprofits, and other non-governmental organizations interested in the many aspects of Government reform to participate in the stability of another country will benefit from this book. Students preparing for Global History and Geography exams may be able to find some correlations with these modern-day foreign governments transitioning to government reform for the thematic essay portion of the test.

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