Story of Noncommissioned Officer Corps: Backbone of the Army (ePub eBook)

Story of Noncommissioned Officer Corps: Backbone of the Army (ePub eBook)
Story of the Noncommissioned Officer Corps: Backbone of the Army (ePub eBook)
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The Story of the Noncommissioned Officer Corps is an important one, a rich history that continues to evolve. In this updated and expanded edition with narrative essays, paintings, photographs, and selected documents relevant to the contributions and experiences of those who are in the words of Rudyard Kipling "the backbone of the Army," David W. Hogan Jr., Robert K. Wright Jr., and Arnold G. Fisch Jr., as well as ten other contributing historians, prove the American noncommissioned officer to be a timeless icon.

For more than two hundred thirty years NCOs have served alongside officers as leaders in the U.S. Army, not only in the barracks and on the parade ground but, most importantly, in the face of the enemy. The Army's reliance on both the technical knowledge and small-unit leadership of the NCO Corps evolved over decades until more training and professionalism became the norm. What this book does best is explain the historical significance of the NCO's traditional roles as small-unit leaders, trainers, and guardians of Army standards, living the Army values and representing the strength and resolution of the American people. It is an inspiring volume, a tribute to the self-reliant NCOs now in the forefront of Army Transformation.

CMH Pub 70-38. New edition which updates the 1989 version which culminated the Center of Military History's contribution to the Year of the NCO Corps since 1775. New chapters have been added about Desert Storm, the Army during the 1990s, the Army in Afghanistan, and a new Epilogue to carry the story forward. Contains portraits of NCOs in action; and selected documents on responsibilities, professional status and specialist rank.  Appendices include: evolution of NCO rank insignia, and a gallery of Noncommissioned Officer heroes.


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This publication would be useful to Noncommissioned Officers and those aspiring to become NCOs, and new members of the military to train them to recognize the importance of military history to military leadership and strategy.  In addition, this publication would be beneficial to military leaders teaching new recruits, historians and students studying military history, and members of the general public interested in military history.

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