Spring 2019 Pb 20-19-2; Army History

Spring 2019 Pb 20-19-2; Army History
Spring 2019 Pb 20-19-2; Army History
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Introducing, The Center for Military History, Managing Editor, Bryan J. Hockensmith. Hockensmith announces The Spring 2019 issue of Army History’s, special features:  two engaging articles,

the story of an interesting artifact, a part of an exhibit under construction at the National Museum of the United States Army; actual artifacts that are incorporated into a realistic battlefield scene visitors will one day soon be able to walk through, an article about the harrowing story of the Japanese attack on British troops in India at Kohima, recognized as one of the greatest battles in British military history, a quality group of book reviews, plus issues of importance to the Army historical community will want to review.

The Center’s military history collection reaches as far back as the beginning of U.S. history, even to the days of the Continental Congress, and, the role the military has played in defending freedom and liberty, all too often at the cost of thousands of American lives.

While at the bookstore website, type in or touch here, military history into the search box to review over 400 interesting and informative titles ranging across all subjects associated with the history of America’s warriors. Or click directly on Spring 2019, Army History.

Table of Contents


4 The Chief’s Corner

5  News Notes

20 NMUSA Feature

22 U.S. Army Artifact Spotlight

40 Book Reviews


“Is That the End or Do We Go On?” The Battle of Kohima ... 6

U.S. Army Artifact Spotlight.. 22

The Deadliest Enemy The U.S. Army and Influenza, 1918–1919 .. 24


Military historians, professors of military, American and international history, students, active and reserve members of the U.S. Army, military history devotees.

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