Spinoff, 2016

Spinoff, 2016
Spinoff, 2016
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The 2016 Spinoff volume features 52 technologies.  Each year, Spinoff features dozens of commercial products derived from NASA technology that are improving everything from medical care and software tools to agricultural production and vehicle efficiency. The companies featured in this year’s publication span a broad range of industries and geographic locations, showing the diverse benefits our nation enjoys from its investment in aeronautics and space missions.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Monumental Opportunities of the SLS
Executive Summary
NASA Technologies Benefiting Society
Partnership News
Award-Winning Technologies
Spinoffs of Tomorrow
NASA Technology Transfer Program Directory

Rodent Research Contributes to Osteoporosis Treatments
Pressure Garments Save New Mothers’ Lives
Tool Kit Simplifies Development of High-Affinity Molecules
Space-Ready Spectrometer Offers Terrestrial Advantages

Unmanned Research Aircraft Test Cutting-Edge Innovations
Data Visualizer Enhances Modeling for Cars, Consumer Products
Lightweight, Ultra-Strong Nanotubes to Transform Industry
Multidisciplinary Software to Help Take Aircraft to the Next Level
Open Source Aircraft Design Software Helps Industry, Hobbyists

Rice Crop Models Stabilize Global Markets, Enable Efficient Irrigation
GPO Sensor Web Helps Forecasters Warn of Monsoon Floods
Analytic Tool Simplifies Metal Fracture Assessments
Mars Methane Detector Identifies Harmful Gas Leaks
Hydrogen Detection Tape Saves Time and Lives
Single-Photon Lidar Maps Ground Features Quickly, Efficiently
Temperature Sensors Cement Integrity of Bridges
Primer Stops Corrosion without Requiring Rust Removal

NODE+ Platform Integrates Sensors with Smartphones
Precision Coffeemaker Adapts Brews to Beans, Taste
CO2 Recovery System Saves Brewers Money, Puts Bubbles into Beer
Space Blanket-Inspired Cases Protect Expensive Devices
Antimicrobial Agent Updates Ancient Industry of Prayer Mats
Heat-Reflecting Material Regulates Body Temperature
Modified Monitor Provides Glasses-Free 3D for Pilots, Gamers

Flock of Nanosatellites Provides a Daily Picture of Earth
Multispectral Satellite Imagery Shows Farmers’ Fields in New Light
Software Helps Restore Fire-Ravaged Habits
Buildings for Manipulating Magnetism Revolutionize Magnetometers
Cost-Saving Method Yields Solar Cells for Exploration, Gadgets
Wide Area Thermal Imaging System Brings the Landscape into Focus
Photocatalytic Water Splitter Stores Energy as Hydrogen
Recycling Technology Converts Plastic Waste to Energy
Tiny Capsules Enable a World of Possibilities

System-Health Monitor Predicts Failures before They Happen
Algorithm Predicts and Evaluates Storm Surges
Mars Rover Work Spawns PDF Collaboration Software
Open Source Tools Popularize Infrastructure for Cloud Computing
Software Optimizes Designs from Spaceships to Wind Turbines
NASA Climate Analytics Support Biological Research
Artificial Intelligence Targets Advertising by Understanding User
Modeling Software Helps Rocket Scientists Go with the Flow
Electro-Optic Ceramic Creates High-Speed Fiber-Optic Networks

Digital Clone Software Predicts, Extends Machine Life
Crycoolers Fuel Exploration in Space and Earth
Temperature-Resistant Materials Enable Space-Like Cold on Earth
Lasers Enable Alternative Power Transmission
Helium Recapture System Reclaims Hydrogen for Industry Use
Laser Vision Helps Hubble, Package Shippers See Clearly
Space-Ready Durometers Measure Hardness on Earth
High- Temperature Superconductors Deliver Power without Heat
Electrospray Thrusters Boost Efficiency, Precision


Private industry manufacturers, scientists, inventors, operational improvement officers, American citizens, and students may be most interested in these NASA developments that impact human life. Since this text is highly illustrated throughout, middle school through high school students could use this resource for classroom essays, and undergraduate and graduate students could use this scientific resource for further research and development based on these featured technologies. Middle school, high school, academic, including community college, and public libraries will want to have this resource in their science and technology collections for patron use and research.

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